Review of MakeupMania’s Shipping and Customer Service

I recently had to order a bunch of makeup for my school’s theater program. I decided to turn to MakeupMania simply because it had a fantastic selection and really nice prices. However, I had heard a lot of bad things about their customer service and shipping, but I decided to risk it because of their pricing.

I placed my order on Oct. 4 and didn’t hear anything for about two weeks. In the middle of the month, I called and a girl had told me it would be just a few more days because they had to ship a bunch of individual pans. I waited for a week and was promised again over the phone that my order would ship the next day. I was rather disappointed, as neither of these promises was fulfilled. Day after day, my order status remained the same: “awaiting fulfillment.”

I called a few days after this, and because the store was closed when I called, the owner, Eva answered. She was very apologetic, saying they were busy due to Halloween orders and new staff, and promised me that she would set everything right. We finalized all the things, and she let me know when everything had been shipped out, and I received my package two days later. I was really happy with Eva’s helpfulness, and I would definitely suggest that anyone who calls MUM to ask for Eva.

I have all good things to say about her. She was professional and helpful, helping me find a replacement for an out of stock item. She put my order as first priority because I had already waited for so long. I really appreciate her help, or else I do not know when I would have received their order. I definitely do wish the rest of the MUM staff were as great as she is.

Also, something else to note is that MUM seems to have a lot of out of stock items all the time. This is slightly annoying because it can delay your order, and sometimes you have to call to find out if things are out of stock.

Overall, I’m not too upset with my purchase. While I did receive my package late, I did sort of expect this due to the reviews floating around. I will definitely say that this business is legitimate. They are not out to scam your money, but they can make mistakes with your order. I’ve found them to be most responsive through phone, rather than email.

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