Review of Meijer Toffee Bars

One of the best ways to combat the dog days of summer is by sitting down to a good cold after dinner treat such as an ice cream bar. I usually prefer an old fashioned ice cream cone, but then there are those times where time is short and the urgency is there just to reach into the freezer for a prepared dessert whether it is an ice cream sandwich, sundae cup, or Popsicle. I decided to pick up a box of the Meijer brand Toffee bars a few weeks ago and considered this product worthy of a review. I have purchased other Meijer brand frozen desserts with mixed success and felt the toffee bars were well worth the leap of faith in this hot summer season.


Upon unwrapping this frozen treat, I took an immediate bite and enjoyed the treat. The toffee bar consists of a toffee ice cream on a stick that is covered in milk chocolate with several tiny toffee bits scattered throughout the bar. This ice cream novelty is Meijer’s answer to the traditional Heath Ice cream toffee bar. It has been a long time since I had eaten the Heath bar, but that brand is still number one when it comes to taste. Regardless, I have to give kudos to Meijer for coming up with a pretty decent replication that pleased everyone at the meal table.


Each box of Meijer toffee bars contains 12 bars that are each two and a half ounces. They look like a decent size dessert upon first glance, but unfortunately these bars are consumed in about six bites. I would recommend taking time with this dessert. This dessert gets my family of five through about two rounds with a few to spare. I have mixed feelings on the portion size as the small 2.5 ounce portion keeps my caloric intake in check, though I feel as though I could eat two of these to satisfy a late evening craving by the sweet tooth.


This box of ice cream toffee bars was purchased at a sale price of $2.50. The regular price is going to run about three dollars. Even at the regular price, each ice cream bar comes out to twenty five cents which is a fair price for a chocolate and dairy based dessert.

Overall Opinion

I would rate this product a strong buy based on the flavor being pretty darn close to the Heath toffee ice cream bars. Unfortunately the bar size is smaller than the Heath, but it also keeps caloric intake at an honest level. The toffee taste is pretty delectable for a store brand and I look forward to bringing home another box of this ice cream again this summer.

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