Review of Method Baby Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths

Buying cleaning products that are safe and natural is one of my highest priorities. Having a baby in the home makes me even more diligent when it comes to using non-toxic cleaners, and I found a great dryer cloth at Toys R Us, designed for babies.

Method Baby Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths come in a plastic container with a sticky tab that allows you to close the package after removing one of the dryer cloths. These are unlike any dryer sheets I have ever used, and I will be purchasing them again, and not just for my granddaughters clothes!

The store had just one scent from which to choose, which was Rice Milk & Mallow. I really had no idea what rice milk or mallow smelled like, but luckily I could smell the unique scent through the thin package. The Method website lists four different scents: Free & Clear, French Lavender, Sweet Water and Rice Milk & Mallow. I believe only the latter scent is marketed toward babies. The company has this to say about the Rice Milk & Mallow version: “Like the enchanting scent of a newborn, rice milk + mallow is a perfect blend of warm milk + soft vanilla, with an imperceptible essence of cuddles. One warning: if your baby smells like this baby, you may want more babies”.

The scent is really delightful! It’s light, not to sweet, and not at all overpowering. Too bad the scent doesn’t linger on clothing after they have been removed from the dryer. The Method Baby Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths were, in my opinion, over priced. The 40 count package retailed for more than six dollars, but when it comes to my granddaughter I tend to spend more than I would on myself. After I got home I read on the package that each dryer sheet can actually be used twice, making them a better value. I was starting to feel better about this purchase.

Method Baby Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths come out of the package moist. They are not made with animal fat or tallow (which is an ingredient in many dryer sheets these days), but are infused with plant based softeners and a natural anti-static ingredient. Another reason to purchase these dryer cloths is they are made from renewable resources. If you are a “green consumer”, these are a product to consider.

The ingredients in Method Baby Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths are plant oil softening emulsion, natural solvent plant oil fabric conditioner, coconut and palm oil derived static reducers, non-toxic solvent, emulsifier, antioxidant, calcium salt, biodegradable preservative, fragrance oil blend, purified water.

Because the Method Baby Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths are moist, they do take some getting used to, but they do a nice job of softening a full load of clothes, and they really do elminate static cling. They are a really nice product that I would purchase again. Having said that, I do have one complaint about the packaging. My package is half full and I can’t get the package to seal because the sticky substance on the underside of the seal has rubbed off. I wish Method could come up with a different package design, but even though the package doesn’t seal completely the dryer cloths still remain moist.

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