Review of NYX Cream Blush in Orange

NYX has a lot of great products, and I was glad to see they have a cream blush in their line, which is not really all that common in drugstore price products. The NYX Cream blush comes in a small shiny black compact that looks really similar to the MAC blushes. However, the packaging is of a lot poorer quality. It is made out of plastic that feels really cheap and not sturdy.

This cream blush is incredibly pigmented. You really need a very, very small amount of this blush to let your face have enough color. It is incredibly easy to over apply this product and make yourself look like a clown. So you must have a very light hand when using this product, and it’s easy for beginners to mess up. However, because of its incredibly pigmentation, a little goes a long way, so it will last quite a long time.

It has a bright orange color that can really bring color to your face, especially during the summer. It is a really great color to wear on the beach with a simple eye and lip combination. It really is a statement color that is a little daring, but the blendability of this cream blush makes it a lot easier to wear this and still look good. The color of this cream blush is actually almost close to a true orange, unlike many blushes that advertise an orange color, and are actually not.

The texture is pretty creamy, and it is quite a heavy texture. Thus, this blush doesn’t last for an extraordinary amount of time. It will fade off before the end of the day. It will need to reapplied halfway through the day. I was pretty disappointed about how little staying power this product has. While it does seem to be an awesome color, it is not a very great quality product. I would not recommend it.

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