Review of Radiohead on Saturday Night Live (2011)

I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live in quite awhile, but tuned in tonight (9-24-11) specifically to watch Radiohead perform. It was generally their first performance on American mainstream TV since 2000- where they also performed on SNL.

The band performed “Lotus Flower” and “Staircase,” the latter a personal favorite which grows on me every time I hear it. Thom was in full jive mode, and the rest of the band as well, doing what they could to move with the instruments they were playing. It may be hard for you to remember the days when Thom didn’t exactly dance on stage, but perhaps it was the songs in question which took on a more serious tone. Nonetheless, I love the enthusiasm.

It was refreshing to see the band perform, even if on a television show which I find to hold no real comedic value anymore. This is Radiohead, here and now, at this moment. And I’m sure their fans are loving the hair. The only question I have is what the “She’s My Carla” sign meant that Alec Baldwin was holding at the show’s conclusion.

Unfortunately, due to the corrupt institution that is the bank, I don’t think I’ll have the dough to even attempt to buy a ticket for next week’s NYC shows at Roseland Ballroom (28 th & 29 th ). But for anyone that does score tickets: 1) You better be a true fan. 2) You better dance with Thom and not stand like a telephone pole. 3) I’m the green-eyed monster.

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