Review of Victoria’s Secret – Beach Sexy Gradual Tan Moisturizer SPF15

I am always on the hunt for new self tanners. Unfortunately though, with each trial and error, I found that the fact is, you have to spend the money to get that natural and true beach bronze result. I had been an avid user of Aqua Tan and Pro Tan, which are pretty pricey compared to my more recent find, which goes to Victoria Secret- Beach Sexy Gradual Tan Moisturizer, SPF 15, which I managed to pick up for around $15.00.

Normally I wouldn’t buy this particular tanner, but my cousin swore on it while we were shopping, and I figured, why not? Let’s give it a go.

What To Like:

Victoria Secret- Beach Sexy Gradual Tan Moisturizer, SPF 15 has a few things worth mentioning that are likable. For starters the scent of the moisturizer is decent compared to others. It however doesn’t come close to the lovely spa scent that Aqua Tan has. However, for this lower priced product, it does not displease the senses in the scent department.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the glow it leaves behind instantly. On legs for instance, you get a quick touch of color, and a shimmering type effect.

What Not To Like, and The Deal Killer:

The moisturizer feels like adding thick butter to your skin. Not a pleasing texture!

The next thing that kills this gradual tanner is the fact that it does tan you with time, as in…you get darker results the longer you wear it. However, the tan comes out streaked, and this makes no sense because you are able to see where you put it, due to the color is leaves behind, so why it tans skin unevenly is beyond me.


Cheap, uneven results, as one would expect from a cheap product plopped into a cute tube. Sorry gals, if you want a true beach glow, without all the sun, be prepared to invest a little more in a self tanner that works. In the end, the results are worth the extra money.

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