Review of Yankee Candle, Pumpkin Patch

Over the past 2 years or so, I have completely skipped out on buying Yankee Candles. There came a point where I was buying them regularly, only to come home and find that as soon as they were lit up, the scent vanished. Yankee was known for high quality candles, and suddenly (at least for me), the quality was no longer found, and cheaper candles were delivering a higher potency in fragrance.

While Yankee diminished off of my radar when shopping for candles, their prices still remained blown out of proportion. They would be prices that would be justified had their candles been any good.

About a week ago though, someone gave me one as a gift. I was excited because it had been a long time since I lit up a Yankee Candle, and I was curious as to whether or not the quality in their candles had been raised back to what it once was.

This candle was labeled Pumpkin Patch, and initially, like all candles, it smelled fantastic in the jar. Pumpkin Patch had a warm pumpkin pie note to it, with a creamy spiced cinnamon tint to the scent. I liked it, and I liked it a lot. I hoped though that when I lit it, the scent would stand strong.


Well I am a Yankee Candle fan again. It took a long time to get me back, but they managed to convince me that their candles are worth the splurge. Pumpkin Patch smelled delicious, and it took only 10 minutes of burn time for the fragrance to begin to swirl throughout the room and fill it up entirely.

The pumpkin scent is true to what I smelled before I lit the candle, and the warmth of the cinnamon spice remained as well.

All in all Yankee Candle, Pumpkin Patch was the perfect scent for my home to begin kicking off this fall season.

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