Review: Pizza Hut Chicken Supreme Pizza

My wife and I had planned on having a chicken dinner last night. But, after attending my oldest daughter’s ballet class (it was the last night of the summer session) and picking up my youngest daughter from her grandparents, it was getting a bit late. Not wanting dinner to take forever, we decided to just order a pizza.

My wife offered to pay for it using her personal money and, since she was doing that, I let her decide what kind of pizza to order. She ended up ordering Pizza Hut’s Chicken Supreme Pizza.

I like pizza (and Lord knows we eat enough of it in our house). But, I have always been a bit more traditional when it comes to toppings and normally would prefer something with sausage and mushrooms over something with chicken and green peppers. However, since she was paying, I was willing to give this a try and, for the most part, I didn’t think it was too bad.

One thing that surprised me a bit about this pizza is it had a tomato sauce on it rather than a white sauce. I have never been a huge fan of the latter (and I’m not totally convinced this wasn’t a mistake by our local Pizza Hut) and found I liked the chicken pizza much more with the tomato sauce on it because the spices gave it a bit more bite.

Another thing that impressed me about this pizza was the pieces of chicken. They were larger pieces and appeared to be quality meat. The chicken was also well seasoned so I enjoyed it even when I picked off a piece of it and ate it separately. Part of the reason I don’t normally like pizzas like this is a lot of other restaurants (or frozen brands) don’t take the time to do that.

Normally, pizzas like this don’t fill me up. But, this is definitely an exception. When I had this last night, I figured I only ate one slice because my wife also ordered wings and pizza rollers. However, I had this for breakfast this morning and was satisfied with just the one slice too.

I should also mention this pizza tastes pretty decent cold; something that is a must for me since I like having leftover pizza for breakfast and usually can’t use the microwave in the morning without waking up my wife.

When ordering pizza, I probably will still lean toward the more traditional selections. But, I would consider ordering this particular pizza again.

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