Review: Team Beachbody® Club or Online Gym: Both Free and Paid Memberships Offered to Help You Meet Your Goals

The Team Beachbody® Club or online gym as it is often referred to seems to be one of the most complete support systems available to those who want to lose weight and improve their level of fitness, and the club can be utilized even if you are not using Beachbody products!

You can benefit from the Team Beachbody® Club if your goals are to lose weight, gain weight, improve your level of fitness and learn how to eat better, or just track your workouts and progress.

The online gym is a great way to reach out to friends and family no matter where they are located, and help each other to stay motivated in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can invite “Buddies”, set up groups, and schedule yourselves to workout simultaneously with the same programs, or any workout of your choosing.

Message boards are available to ask and find answers to your fitness and eating questions, and you are assigned a “Coach” who will also be available to motivate you and provide you with information on, or help you to find programs and products that meet your needs.

If you decide to become a paying member of the club (about $2.99/week), you get access to meal planning assistance, can calculate your required calorie intake, and get 10% off from Beachbody product purchases.

Team Beachbody claims that “Team Beachbody® Club members reach their health and fitness goals 3 times faster than people who don’t join. When you’re part of the Team Beachbody community, you have all the tools, support, and accountability you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle. At Team Beachbody, you’re never alone.” For certain, the support system is solid, from your peers to the Beachbody trainers and experts, and this support can easily mean the difference between success and failure in meeting your goals.

The Team Beachbody Club is so involved with wanting to help you reach your goals; they give you the chance to win money for your efforts to improve yourself! You can enter the Beachbody Challenge and win up to $500.00 in a day for entering your workout in the gym.

Join established groups, or create your own group to help stay motivated and to help others at the same time. There are all kinds of groups available that are using the club to stay connected with family and new friends they meet online and all with something in common; the desire to get and stay fit and healthy.

Browse the message boards to find answers to your questions about exercise, eating, Beachbody programs or nutritionals, and if you don’t find an answer readily available, post a question of your own and someone will respond.

You will also be assigned a coach who is there to help you when you need it. Contact your coach if you need information on anything Beachbody, or need a little extra encouragement to boost your motivation level.

Here is a short video that speaks a little about the Team Beachbody Club: -OR-

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