Review: Totino’s Family Sized Pizzas

I had to run to Wal-mart the other morning before work to pick up a couple of items we needed. While I was walking past the freezer section in their grocery department, something caught my eye; Totino’s Family Sized Pizzas.

I’ve had the Totino’s Party Pizzas in the past and, even though they aren’t quite as good as they used to be, I do like them on occasion as an easy and filling lunch. But, they were never big enough (in my opinion at least) for more than one person. So the idea of the same pizza in a family size was intriguing. And, when I saw it was just $1.75 (how many other frozen pizzas can be bought for that little), I decided to pick one up for later that night.

My wife and I ended up having this as a late dinner while watching a movie and the pizza did live up to my expectations for the most part.

First, it was easy enough to bake. It took roughly 12 minutes in my oven, which was about 2 less minutes than it took to preheat the oven itself (I should have used my Pizza Pizzazz Pizza Oven). The pizza didn’t have a whole lot of toppings on it. I picked out the combination pizza and it had roughly the same amount of toppings I would expect on the smaller Party Pizzas. However, as I mentioned before, I only spent $1.75 on this and I do think it had about as many toppings as many other frozen pizzas that are a whole lot more expensive.

As far as taste goes, the pizza wasn’t the best I’ve ever had (again, it wasn’t really much different than the Party sized pizza). But, it was decent enough given the low price. In other words, we didn’t hate this. And, unlike many other frozen pizzas, it did prove to be filling.

If I have any complaints about this pizza, it would be the crust. As I said before, I baked this in the oven and, because it was a thinner crust, I was expecting it to be crisp. It wasn’t. It was actually very soft. In fact, it was falling apart because it stuck to the pan.

Overall though, I was happy with this purchase. It wasn’t the best frozen pizza I have ever eaten but it proved to be a very reasonably priced dinner that wasn’t too terrible. If you haven’t tried this, I recommend it.

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