Review: Wal-mart Faded Glory Blue Jeans and Why I Now Think They Are a Waste of Money

I think I once mentioned that I put blue jeans through quite a bit of abuse and, as a result of that, you will never see me buying a brand that costs me more than $20. As a result of this, one brand I have been purchasing almost religiously for the past couple of years has been Wal-mart’s Faded Glory brand.

Unfortunately, I think I will be avoiding that brand in the future.

The main reason why I have purchased this brand has always been the price. I could usually buy a pair for not much more than $10 and, as a result, could buy a couple pairs of jeans for what I would be spending on one pair from a different brand. Because of the low price, I have never expected a great deal from the jeans in terms of quality and they have always had some issues; they would shrink in the wash (which is why I always bought them in one size larger) and, while the durability wasn’t terrible, they weren’t something I was going to buy with the expectation of them lasting me a couple years.

Recently, however, the overall quality of the jeans seems to have dipped to what I feel are unacceptable levels; even at the lower price.

About three months ago, I purchased two pairs of jeans from this brand. This was to replace two pair that had finally worn out after about 8 months (which is what I’ve come to expect from most brands under $20 since I wear the jeans almost daily). Since it was summer and I would be only wearing the jeans to work and church (wearing shorts the rest of the time), I figured they would end up lasting me longer than the last couple pairs.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I bought these in June. It is now September and I need to replace them. One pair has shrunk beyond the point I can wear them and, even before they did, the pants legs were already wearing out on them. The other pair is still wearable. But, that’s only because of a miracle known as duct tape. About 6 weeks after buying these, both of my pants pockets (where I keep my keys, receipts, etc) ripped at the seam and I had to tape them in place so I could continue to use them. Today, I discovered a hole in the crotch area (I have no idea how that wore out so fast) that I again had to temporarily mend in a similar fashion. So, basically, these jeans have reached the point where they can’t be worn either.

I plan on doing some blue jeans shopping this weekend and can guarantee this will be one brand I won’t even bother looking at.

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