Review: Walgreen’s Zinc Cold Therapy

I seem to have a bit of bad luck when it comes to my birthdays. Ever since I was younger, I always seem to come down sick just before it and, as a result, I don’t get to enjoy my presents, cake and etc. nearly as much.

And, unfortunately, my bad luck didn’t get any better this year either because, two days before I was going to turn 36, I started getting the symptoms of a really bad cold, including a nasty cough.

I was determined not to be sick on my birthday again so I ended up going up to Walgreen’s to pick up something for my cold. After looking around a bit, I ended up buying the store’s Zinc Cold Therapy melt-away tablets.

I’ve used zinc cold medicines in the past with mixed results. Typically, if I spend money on the most expensive brand (Zicam), it works fine. But, with some cheaper alternatives, it isn’t guaranteed to work as well (despite claims of it being the exact same thing). Because of this, I did consider not buying this product despite the fact it was $4 cheaper.

However, I have had other Walgreen’s store brand medicines in the past and found they worked pretty well so I ultimately decided to give this a try. And, I’m glad I did.

As I mentioned before, when I picked up this cold medicine, I was fighting a nasty cough. In addition to that, I had a stuffy nose and I was sneezing on occasion (I originally thought it was just seasonal allergies until I started getting a few aches and pains too).

I took one of the melt-aways from this product and, within about an hour, I started feeling a heck of a lot better. And, by the time my birthday came around (with me taking this a couple times a day), I had very few cold symptoms left and was able to enjoy myself much more than I have in years.

The best part of this product is I still have quite a bit of it left because, unlike other medicines, I was feeling fine after only a few doses; meaning I’m getting a lot more for my money.

If you feel cold symptoms coming on and want to try a zinc cold remedy, I recommend heading to Walgreen’s and saving some money on this remedy instead of spending more money on Zicam. It works just as well and is much more affordable.

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