Road Signs of Truth

Speeding down a highway,
I read a road sign saying: ‘Merge’
and feel a compelling urge to

drop the wheel
stop all motion

jump out of the body’s vehicle
and coalesce in cosmic Truth beyond the scope of mind.

Both eyes close
for two split seconds

(split between infinity and the ever-immanent now)

but mind is disinclined to
being left behind
so eyes fly open
(and psyche too)

pay attention to the road, mind commands

grip the wheel
feel it’s real

also, the white lines
persistently passing…
They’re real, too.

‘Merge’ emerges as epiphany:
Nothingness is the True Real
and everything is nothing,

so everything is real…

and the sum of Truth is all-encompassing mindfulness

(both mind and no-mind)

both empty
and full.

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