Rohs Opera House: A Theater that Won’t Rob You

People love their movies. Going to the theater and seeing a film you’ve anticipated for months, or even just to see a familiar famous face, is something nearly everyone enjoys. However, this activity can punch a huge gaping hole in your wallet after a few visits. Large chains are nice, but it is also not a bad thing to find an independent movie theater which boasts the same entertainment, but at a lower price. In Cynthiana, Kentucky, people can get this experience at the Rohs Opera House.

The original theater was built in 1871 and at the time it was one of the most successful in the state. Several well known singers traveled through during these years. However, as time went by the theater closed and for a time it seemed it would stay that way. However, in 1941 H.A. Rohs and his son Karle Rohs added on a new theater to the building and opened it for movies. It is a little known fact, but these two are the great grandfather and grandfather of actor Chris O’Donnel. The footprints of the actor’s grandmother is in the cement on the west side of the building. This part of the building is where movies are still shown today. The original theater, known as Aeolian Hall, is located on the second floor, and can be rented for receptions and parties.

Lately, the theater has become well known for it’s ghost sightings. Paranormal investigators have hunted in the building several times, and it has made several lists of most haunted places. The theater was featured on the Bio Channel show My Ghost Story. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it is bound to cross your mind when in the building.

The theater also presents live entertainment. Touring groups have made appearances, as well as local talent. A production of Our Town marked the first production of a community theater. They will also present the musical The Fantasticks which will play October 7-9.

As the theater only has one screen, there is a short wait for certain movies to make it to the theater. However, it truly is worth it. Tickets are only $5, saving you untold amounts. Concessions are all around or way under that same price. And you get the same movie that you nearly paid more for. It’s a night out you’ve planned anyways, only you’re wallet won’t be crying at the end of it.

The Rohs Opera House is located at:

133 East Pike Street

Cynthiana, KY 41031

(859) 234-9803

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