“Jane, I am writing to you on behalf of my dear friend, Edward. He has been missing for some time now, and I would hope that you might know something of his whereabouts, or his last known location. I do appreciate your help in this matter.” Sincerely, John Graves III

“Well that was sure to the point now, wasn’t it Edward” Jane smiled and laughed. “Just because my father has no clue I am with you now, doesn’t quite mean that he needs to know” Edward responded.
“I know Edward, but don’t you find it awfully cruel to keep him out of the loop?” she said.

“Look, I understand you and everyone else would love for me to run and tell him that I’d be getting married soon enough, but I’d rather not say anything to him just yet. He is a grown man, and I’m sure he will handle the news, but now isn’t the time Jane. I will be seeing him in a matter of a few days, and then I will explain the whole matter to him at once” Edward responded. “Alright Edward, alright, but it won’t be me to blame when he gets into a fit about the matter” she said.

Suddenly there was a loud bang in the middle of the town square. “Edward, what was that?” Jane said nervously. “I’m not quite sure, maybe it was that clock tower falling down, they should get that thing fixed so no one gets injured again” Edward responded.

Peering out the window, Edward notices something strange. There was no one in the streets.
“Jane, there’s no one out there. Where did everyone go?” Edward wondered. “I don’t know Edward, you’re scaring me” she said. The wind began to pick up, and the buildings began to tremble and shake. The clock tower chimed six o’clock.

“Well, I guess the clock tower isn’t broken, but what in the world is going on out there” Edward wondered.
“Jane, let’s go over to Macarek’s house and see if he’s alright, maybe he will know what is going on” he said.

As Jane and Edward crept down the stairs towards the front door, they heard a shriek for help.
“Help! They’re going to get me, someone help!”
Edward swung open the front door and the wind nearly ripped it from its hinges.
“Macarek! Can you hear me!?” Edward shouted. There was no reply.
“We’ve got to get over to his house Jane, that was him!” Edward argued.
“I don’t know Edward, I’m so scared right now” she stuttered.
“Jane I love you, trust me and stay by my hand, I promise you’ll be okay” Edward said.
“Let’s go” she remarked in a frightened tone.

As they walked closer to Macarek’s house, the wind became stronger and stronger. The local alarm went off and the echoes could be heard all through town.

“We’ve got to hurry Jane, the alarm is going off, it might be a tornado!” Edward exclaimed.
Edward grabbed Jane by the arm and started running for the house. They arrive at Macareks house.
“Macarek!” Edward shouted. There was no reply. “Macarek!” he shouted again. Still no reply.
“Edward we have to get back now, there’s no time” Jane shouted out. The rickety houses all squeaked and churned while the wind pulled them from side to side.

Edward was eager to find his friend, but nevertheless he grabbed Jane by the hand and started running back towards her house. The wind became ferocious, and as they ran for the door they could hear the pipes of all the buildings start to snap and wretch in different directions spewing out heavy clouds of steam.

“We made it Edward!” Jane pronounced as they stumbled in the doorway. Just then the door began shaking uncontrollably and rocking violently as it was about to rip off. “Get to the cellar Jane, we have to hurry!” Edward screamed. They ran down the cellar stairs and made their way around the corner to an old wooden closet that was used for storage. “Let’s get in Jane, Hurry!” Edward yelled. They both entered the closet and closed the door behind them. Just then the lights flickered and shut off. “The lights are out, I hope the house will be okay” Jane stated. “I sure do hope that everyone is safe out there, Macarek’s always been a good friend you know” she said.

The storm grew louder and louder, and then, almost out of nowhere stopped in an instant. “Thankfully that’s over with, right Edward?” Jane asked. There was no response. “Edward are you alright?” she asked. There was still no response. At that moment the generators began once again and the whistle of the machines was very high pitched. The lights flickered back on very slowly.

Edward was gone.

“EDWARD?” Jane screamed out. She was hysterical. Edward had vanished right before her very eyes in the dark of the storm.

To Be Continued

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