Romantic Link to Despondency

‘Romantic Link to Despondency’

Am I, An Awful Person…
For Always Speaking of Depression?
Will My Condition, Worsen…
For Giving It Such Grand Attention?

Am I, A Darker Shade of Ugly…
Because Pain, I’ve Not Forsaken?
Must I Solely Ponder, On What Is Sunny…
Or Otherwise: Become a Pagan?

I Hate to Hurt.
I Love the Pain.
Each Little Wound…
It Brings A Gain.

Of Incessant Suffering.
Of Stolen Memories.

The Way I See… Despondency,
Is Optimistic… Actually.

I See Not, Something Evil.
Nor Something, That Is Feeble.

The Process May Be Slow…

But In The End..

Pain Can Aid Our Mind To Grow.


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