Rubber Man Revealed…Confusion Ensues

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the writers/producers of American Horror Story for revealing Rubber Man’s identity in the first five minutes of this week’s episode. However, in the same breath I would like to chastize them for their choice of Rubber Man- Tate . And I’m not just saying that because I was wrong .

Tate!? Really!? I know that he modeled the suit a few episodes back, but I thought that was a cheap and obvious way to distract the viewer from thinking he truly was the latex terrorist. Maybe I’ve watched too many epsiodes of Lost or Twin Peaks, but I have been trained to think that things are not always what they seem. And Tate being Rubber Man was so obvious I immediately dismissed it as a possibility.

I know that the Harmons have a “Stacy’s Mom” situation going on with sexy Viv, but Tate seems smitten kitten with Violet. Why go after Viv too? Tate’s interactions with ghoulish queen bee Hayden and the coming attractions allude to the shared goal of impregnating a human inhabitant of Murder House, but I am not on board with this plot twist.

I am also confused as to how it was possible for Tate (dead) to impregnate Viv (alive and kicking). Are we taking a page out of Breaking Dawn ? We saw Hayden stab Constance’s boy toy to death but then be perfectly fine, supporting the claim that the ghosts cannot physically hurt members of the living class. If that is the case, how is the pregnancy possible? I understand I have to suspend ordinary logic and sanity to follow the plot line of this show (similar to Violet accepting her new, creepy reality), but this is just not adding up.

Producing a baby is a high priority for Murder House’s spirit inhabitants (hence the brutal and Gaddafi-esque offing of the gay couple once they abandoned the idea of bringing a baby into the home), but I just don’t see how whatever is growing inside Vivien is going to solve all their problems.

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