Ryan Gosling Named ‘Coolest Person of the Year’ by TIME Magazine – His 5 Coolest Moments

Actor Ryan Gosling may have not made the top of the list of “Sexiest Man Alive” by People but he’s just been awarded an even better title: Coolest Person of the Year by TIME Magazine ‘s Joel Stein.

The 31-year-old actor from Canada is a Disney veteran and has starred in several indie movies including “Blue Valentine,” “Lars and the Real Girl” among others but made his stride this year starring in instant cult classic “Drive” and Golden Globe nominated “Ides of March” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

So what makes this actor just so cool according to TIME?

“Yes, [Gosling] was a Mouseketeer alongside Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake,” Stein wrote. “And yes, he puts on a weird Brooklyn accent even though he’s from Canada. Yes, he was homeschooled and sometimes hangs out with magicians. But he’s so cool, he wears all of that proudly.”

We can’t deny Gosling’s cool factor. Here are the actor’s top five coolest moments of the past year:

Breaking up street fights in New York

If you’ve seen any of Gosling’s most recent movies you know just how buff he is. The star turned up the action when he broke up a street fight in NYC’s East Village. A video captured the moment and everyone considered Gosling to be a real live superhero that day. This was probably THE coolest moment of the year for the celeb.

Goofing off for the cameras

Most celebs act thoroughly annoyed when paparazzi snap photos of them eating but not Ryan. The star was dining alone this summer for lunch in NYC at an outdoor cafe and when the paps started photographing the celeb Ryan turned on the charm and started posing and making funny faces. We love that this is one celeb who isn’t afraid to take the annoyances of fame with stride.

Taking his lady out on a unique date

We know some celebs pull out all of the stops when it comes to romancing their significant others but Gosling showed his ladylove some true romance in Paris this fall. The star took Eva Mendes on a date to a Parisian cemetery, the same cemetery that hosts the remains of fallen icons like Jim Morrison.

Showing off his funny side

We know Gosling is an eccentric lad but he made audiences crack up when he appeared this summer on ” Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and brought along his dog George. The star proudly showed off his dog’s mohawk, a hair style Gosling created himself for the dog to wear during the hot month of July in NYC.

Green in Gucci

Nothing makes a dude cooler than knowing how to dress up properly. Gosling was photographed in a forest green Gucci suit for the premiere of his fall political drama “Ides of March.” The actor is regularly seen looking sexy in expensive suits but we think this particular look is one of our favorites. Do you agree?

What other actors should have been made “Coolest Person of the Year?”

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