Ryan Murphy Shows ‘Generosity’ on ‘The Glee Project’

COMMENTARY | This week’s theme on “The Glee Project” was “Generosity.”

For the homework assignment, contestants performed “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. Guest judge Kevin McHale chose Lindsay as the winner. He loved her smile and felt that she was really into the performance.

For the group number, contestants filmed a video set to “Sing” by My Chemical Romance. In the spirit of generosity, the show invited four kids from disadvantaged schools to perform alongside them. Robert was interested in not only the performance, but also how well the contestants mentored their Mini-Mes.

Contestants had the added challenge of having to mime instruments while they lip synched to their own recordings. Lucky for Damian, his protege was an adept drummer who taught him a few moves. It’s interesting that Zach had assigned Damian (Mini-Finn) to drums, especially given that Cory Monteith is a drummer.

During the reveal of the bottom 3, Robert announced a twist. I wondered if Ryan Murphy had regretted sending Marissa or Hannah home, but unfortunately it was not the case. Instead, Ryan had chosen to invite co-writer Ian Brennan to evaluate the last-chance performances.

All four finalists performed for Ryan and Ian. Alex gave a soulful performance of “His Eye is On the Sparrow” — not an easy task given that the song had been performed at his father’s funeral. The funny thing about Alex is that he always seems to tank the homework assignments and group numbers but manages to peak during his last-chance performances.

Ryan described Damian as “Mr. Personality,” but felt =he was the weakest vocalist of the four. Still, they loved his performance of “I’ve Gotta Be Me” and they enjoyed his exuberance.

After her performance of “Defying Gravity,” Lindsay told them she was tired of being Miss Perfect and that she was ready to show her true self. Was this a genuine display of growth or a calculating attempt to “prove” she had a personality?

Lindsay is one of those puzzling characters who manages to come across as fake, sincere, annoying, and endearing at the same time.

Ryan and Ian wanted more vulnerability from Samuel’s performance of ‘My Funny Valentine.” They also felt that he didn’t come across as an underdog. Yet they kept him around if only because he filled their desired niche as a Christian rocker.

Samuel is talented, I would have liked to see more versatility from him this season.

In a surprising twist, Ryan and Ian decided not to send anyone home. All four contestants are through to next week’s final, where one of them will win “The Glee Project.”

Somewhere these contestants were probably thanking Kevin’s “magic comb.” What inspired the judges’ display of generosity? Were these four contenders simply too good to let go? Who will land that coveted role on “Glee”?

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