Sam Edelman Pia Boot

The Sam Edelman Pia boot is one of those styles that actually needs to be seen to be believed. While this may make it sound like this style is over the top, it is actually quite sleek but it does have some interesting twists that make it unique from any style I have seen up to this point. It is a tall boot with a shaft over 16 inches tall, having the ability to be folded over or cuffed – so it has the versatility of being worn above the knee or below it in height. Constructed from leather with a set of layered buckled straps around the ankle. It is available in black and has a retail price of around $300.

It would be quite understandable to take one look at this boot and make a decision right off the bat to own it. However if someone wants to check around further, there are some other tall, cuffed boot looks that may also strike your fancy:

Blowfish Jenette Boot:

The Jenette boot is also something to behold and is a gorgeous way to wear tall, over the knee boots. It is quite tall having a 23 inch shaft, with several buckled straps both on the shaft and around the ankle. Wear it up for the most sultry look or folded over to add a twist of fashion. It has a rear zip to simplify the on and off process, it is available in 3 different colors and has a retail price of $100, being a bit more within reach for those on a budget.

Madden Girl Russell Boot:

The Russell boot is a gorgeous tall boot having a similar tall fold-over shaft style compared to the Pia. While this boot is quite stylish according to anyone’s standards, it has quite a bit of a lower price likely due to its synthetic construction. The shaft height is about 21 inches, it has a side zip and buckled strap details toward the top of the shaft and behind the ankle. It comes in Black and has a retail price of around $70.

Naughty Monkey Zorro Boot:

The Zorro boot from Naughty Monkey is at the very least an interesting and eye catching style, and could actually be the most stylish boot on this list depending on your individual tastes. Again here we have quite a tall shaft of more than 16 inches as well as some strap details on the side of the ankle. What makes this boot so interesting is the fact that the shaft comes down and sort of blankets the instep and behind the ankle to create a hidden or mysterious look. It comes in Chocolate, Black and Grey and has a retail price of around $100.

Except for a few exceptions you probably can’t go wrong with the Sam Edelman Pia boot, yet the other styles on this list have some edgy details that may make another boot more along your tastes in footwear this year.

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