San Cristobal — South American Springtime Adventure Vacation Spot

It has its own airport and is on the eastern edge of the Galapagos archipelago. Even so, San Cristobal is a well-guarded secret adventure vacation destination among travelers in the know. Why not join them?

Staying and Eating on San Cristobal

Planning a springtime adventure trip does not mean forsaking creature comforts. Hotel Miconia features a nice gym, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and well-apportioned rooms that are perfect as a home base for daily expeditions. Staying at the hotel is not overly expensive; double occupancy rooms cost $132 a night and come with a complimentary American breakfast; do not forget to factor in the 22 percent local tax. The hotel also operates a restaurant. I features pizza and spaghetti, but you probably want to opt for fish or lobster. After all, this is one of the Galapagos Islands. Explore other eateries as you check out the island.

Snorkeling, Sea Lion Encounters and More

Head over to Playa Mann — a gorgeous white sand beach just a short trip from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno — with your snorkeling equipment. It will be pleasantly warm, even though you are likely to experience some daily drizzle. Of course, once you are in the water, the drizzle won’t matter. Charter a boat and head to Playa Ochoa (situated on San Cristobal’s northern coast) and visit the sea lions. The colonies here are large, and there are plenty of great photo opportunities for the adventure traveler who knows not to annoy the wildlife. Stop by the Wreck Bay Diving Center, where you can rent snorkeling and diving equipment, sign up for guided tours and get some insider tips for the best stops to visit this spring. Consider signing up for some dive tours to explore the area around San Cristobal.

Some Advice for First-time San Cristobal Travelers

Even though the American dollar is accepted currency and virtually everyone understand English, keep in mind that San Cristobal is a part of Ecuador. While adventure travelers are always welcome, you are expected to meticulously observe conservation notices posted; look for signs that warn against stepping on plants or interacting with wildlife. Although car transport is available, consider doing the majority of your travel by mountain bike. Unlike other island tourist destinations, San Cristobal is going to appeal to the traveler who likes to explore independently and set an individualized agenda. Since the majority of business transactions do take place in Spanish, it is a good idea to hire a travel industry professional to do the initial bookings and also inquire about up-to-date fee schedules that govern the cost of access to nature areas.

Establishment Information

Hotel Miconia
Charles Darwin Avenue
San Cristobal Island, Galapagos SP6 2LE
(011) +593 5 2 520 608

Wreck Bay Diving Center
Charles Darwin and Theodore Avenue Golf
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
(593 5) 2521663

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