Santa Isn’t Real?

Santa isn’t real they said,

I couldn’t understand

For every year on Christmas Eve

I hear his reindeer land!

His sack of toys he flings atop

His sleigh of red and white,

And round the world on magic dust

He travels through the night.

Santa isn’t real they said,

Oh no this isn’t true

For each December 25th

Brings gifts to me and you.

All the chimneys must be cleaned

So he can slide them down

And through the night old Santa goes

To every house around.

Santa isn’t real they said,

I know this isn’t so

For children’s eyes with hope and joy

Each year so brightly glow.

The thought of Christmas

Warms all hearts and keeps us reaching out –

This feeling of great joy is what Christmas is about.

Santa isn’t real they said,

But now I understood

The thought of him on Christmas Eve

Helps children to be good.

And really most of being good

Is giving love and care,

If this is true come Christmas Eve

Old Santa will be there!

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