Satiated at Santorini

The first time I went to Santorini Taverna for brunch was last year. I went with my girlfriend since we had a Groupon-like coupon to use there. She had been there before and said it was good. That was an understatement. After we went, I bought my brother and his wife a Groupon-type coupon and babysat my nephew so they could check it out. After that, we decided we’d better take the whole family there so my parents came in and we all met up there for yet another delicious brunch.

If you get the unlimited drinks, you’ll really have to pace yourself. The food is so good that you’ll want to keep eating, so you’ll have a full stomach. If you eat so much you get a stomach ache, there is a great park nearby where you can walk around a small pond. Or lay in the grass, depending on how much you overdid it at brunch.

There’s a table of cold salads that are all wonderful. Their tortellini salad was particularly good both times I was there. That table also has fresh fruit, bread and cheese. There’s a long table with hot items. The French toast is awesome, and the best part is you can put all the whipped cream you’d like on it. There’s even a dessert table where you can get ice cream or dip fruit in a chocolate fountain.

One thing that’s really cool is that you can almost always find a coupon for it. Whether it’s on the back of a grocery store receipt or through a Groupon Now deal or other deal, there are plenty of coupons available, so don’t let the $19.95 per person price tag scare you off. It’s more if you want endless alcoholic drinks, but then again, I’ve seen Groupon-type coupons for $30 for 2 brunches and 2 all you can drink alcoholic beverages. If you don’t have a reservation and it’s decent outside, you may end up sitting on the patio. We found dining on the patio very pleasant and our waitress kept our waters full, so it’s not like we felt ignored or anything.

If you decide to go to Santorini for brunch, be sure to come hungry. You’ll want to try everything they have but I bet you won’t have room for all of it.

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