Save Money with Warm Winter Drapes for Your Windows

With the winter rapidly approaching we’ll all be turning on the heat and trying to stay warm. Unfortunately, that pushes up our energy bills and can cost a lot of money. Here’s a way you can save on energy costs – cover your windows with heavy drapes. If you’re thinking that’s too old school for you, think again. There are a number of styles available to complement every decor.

No matter which style you choose, the idea is to use a heavy material to cover your windows. Velvets and microfibers work well. Or you can line the fabric of your choice to do the job. If you want double coverage, do both – combine a heavy material with a lining to combat the drafts that make you cold. And the closer you mount the drapery to the window, the better the result. It’s that simple.


If your home or office is decorated in a contemporary style, you have plenty of choices. Look for drapery with nice, clean lines and bring in a drapery rod that works with your furnishings. The newest trend in contemporary drapes is the grommet panel style. Or use simple tab top drapes in solids or modern patterns.

Pinch Pleats

Pinch pleats may sound passe to you, but it’s all in how you hang them. When I think of pinch pleats, I remember by grandmother’s panels hung with those funky little pin hooks on a sliding white rod. That’s not exactly my style. But, today’s pinch pleats hang stylish and proud with decorative rings on fabulous rods. And pinch pleats have more material to them by their very nature, which helps keep the room warm. I’m looking at this style of winter drape in a whole new light.

Traditional Pocket Rod

Not all of us want a contemporary look and when it comes to heavy drapery, that’s a good thing. Traditional pocket rod styles are easy to find, easy to work with and even easy to make yourself, if you are so inclined. Heavy fabrics lend themselves to this style and if you’re looking to create a dramatic installation, layer them on for even more insulation. Use decorative valances and tie backs to make a statement in your room while saving on energy costs for a winning combination.

No matter which style you choose, let a heavy material or drapery liner keep you warm and toasty inside. Check out a few good examples in the Winter Drapes ideabook on Houzz and you’ll be ready to shop for your own money-saving window coverings.

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