Saving Money in Daily Life … And with Little Effort

My bank account was screaming for mercy when I decided to re-evaluate my financial situation. I was sure I had more leeway in my budget than I thought. I just had to find it. After sitting in front of the television for hours, not really watching it, I decided to pick my finances apart piece by piece. I sat and made a list of everything I spend money on.

For the next week, I wrote a list of everything I bought, and I mean everything. If I went to the store and picked up a soda and a pack of gum, it went on the list. I noticed that having three kids really requires a lot of cleaning.

I started skimming the Internet for ideas on cheaper cleaning supplies, and even for natural supplies. I quickly realized that there is a lot of nothing out there that is of much use. Here is what I changed to save money on my cleaning supplies bill.

Avoid Name Brand Cleaners If Possible:

For the most part, off brand is just as good as name brand. Don’t get me wrong, this is not always the case. I still have Kaboom for my shower because it works like no other cleaner I have ever found for the grime my children bring in from the yard.

Mix Your Own Cleaners:
Essentially, what you buy in the spray bottle is just a typical cleaner that has been pre-diluted for you. You are paying more money for less product, and paying them to add water. Simply buy an empty spray bottle and mix the cleaner with water yourself. This gives you more cleaner for your buck and allows you to choose the strength.

Never Underestimate the Power of Soap and Water:
Soap and water is the best cleaner you can get. Using an antibacterial dish liquid and water is good for number of uses. Wiping off your counter tops after doing the dishes, quick cleans, and small spills can be handled easier and with less cost.

Avoid buying Sponges and Paper Towels:
Honestly, sponges and paper towels are nice to have around. But using a good old-fashioned wash rag is just as effective. Simply wash it out and re-use it instead of piling up your trash with paper towels and re-depositing germs with a nasty sponge.

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