Saying ‘NO’ Can Be a Life Saver

I came across an article in a Kenyan newspaper,, which talked about the most powerful word in the world. It appears so simple, yet pose such power in one’s life that it can alter a desired outcome, if used appropriately. In some cases, it can determine life or death of the user, depending on the prevailing circumstances.

In this day and age, we experience increased volumes of information due to technological advancement. With it comes the danger of identity theft, insurance fraud, unnecessary medical procedures, or simply getting entangled with a wrong crowd, or an abusive mate. Let us look at each of the above cases, and determine what the outcome would be if one mastered the courage to say No.

One of the ways identity theft occurs is due to our eagerness to share information through the web, with increasing use of the social media mainly Facebook and twitter. The economy has pushed many Americans to the edge, that any available source of funds, weather in form of credit or loan would be top priority. As a result, many end up giving personal information regarding finances to unscrupulous websites, resulting in fraud, and a messy credit background. The same applies to medical field, as doctors prescribe unnecessary medical procedures to maximize on their payments. In another case, school dropouts are overshadowed by the outside world, which offers fake yet quick means to a successful life, only to result to jail buds, or increasingly depressed and drugged people.

Also, social media, referring to Facebook and twitter have such power that corrupts the sub consciousness of young people to say yes into sharing personal and secretive details with regard to their whereabouts, their private lifestyles, hence making them easy targets.

Taking a step back and thinking as to what are the benefits of what is being offered, in comparison to the real outcome can help to alter some decision. Saying ‘no’ to things of less significance, passing pleasures, and unnecessary situations can be very helpful in saving the lasting worth ahead of you.

Saying ‘no’ can also be life saver, hence reduce deaths resulting from drug overdose and reduce health insurance fraud, or save a population from the fangs of illiteracy and ignorance. Limiting Facebook or twitter exposure can save one from being a victim of violence, home invasion or bullies.

Why is it difficult to say ‘NO’?

Despite being such a short, pitchy, easy-to-pronounce word (at least in English) “No!” is a hard message to send out. Females especially have great difficulty in responding in the negative. It is troubling to say something that we suspect will make the hearer hate us. This is why so many of us say “Yes!” when we mean “Maybe” and “Maybe” when we mean “No!” hoping that something will happen to release us from the obligation to meet the demands of our answer.

Of course males have equal difficulty in saying “No!” in some circumstances. A story is told of a man who found his little boy stamping his foot and saying a firm “No!” to his mum. The man took his son aside, looked him in the eye and said “I’ll double your allowance if you teach me how to do that!”

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