Season 13: The Red Team Remains a House Divided on “The Biggest Loser”

COMMENTARY | Almost every season of “The Biggest Loser” has a contestant that viewers love to hate. This season, 24-year-old Conda of the Red Team has filled this title well. Each week, she does something to annoy her trainer and other contestants at the ranch. Last week, she made sure the Aqua Team was not welcomed after they fought at home to lose enough weight to return. She set her sights on new teammate Adrian, poisoning the dynamics of the Red Team. This week, Conda continued her bid to make other people miserable as they faced the excuse, “I can’t lose weight on my own.”

The show opened with the Cassandra finding out that her grandmother was sent home by the Red Team. Adrian talked about how much he missed Nancy because she was the only teammate to embrace him. He further alienated himself from the Red Team by announcing that he didn’t vote for her. I didn’t agree with that move, but at this point, I thought Adrian acted like a kid trying to find acceptance from his play group.

Mark wanted to have a private conversation with his new teammate. Because he didn’t feel comfortable since he came back on the ranch, Adrian was defensive, especially since he was accused of playing the game. Adrian said he didn’t feel like the team wanted him from the beginning, which they didn’t. At this point, I didn’t think Adrian could do anything to get their approval. Maybe he should have kept quiet, but they would have iced him out anyway.

Adrian took a walk with his sister Daphne, voicing his opinion of not feeling liked. Daphne, who seemed calmer, tried telling him the buzz she heard about Conda. Mark talked to Conda and Kim. Mark kept focusing on the low weight loss of the previous week. Hello, nobody has lost a large amount of weight this season.

Conda made it clear that she’s going to vote Adrian off if he didn’t get immunity. She even said he’s caused drama since coming to the ranch. Anyone who’s been watching this season knows that she has been the drama queen. I read a comment on “The Biggest Loser” webpage from last season’s Ramon; he wrote that he didn’t think Conda liked anyone.

Alison greeted the teams at the pool for their challenge. She told everyone that whoever lost it would not have their trainer for an entire week, putting this week’s excuse to the test. Bob and Dolvett sat on a platform above the pool. Their teams had to hold a rope as long as they could to keep their trainer from falling into the water. If all of the team members release the rope, they lose their trainer. After almost an hour, the Red Team lost and Dolvett hit the pool. The Black Team won the challenge. Dolvett gave his team a training regimen before leaving.

The Red Team gathered after losing the challenge. Kim talked to them about working together and tried forming some sort of solidarity. Dolvett put her in charge of training her teammates. Although he couldn’t be with them, Dolvett monitored them. Dolvett was impressed at how hard they worked. Kim actually took charge of the workout. Hopefully, she put the childishness aside and decided to become a leader. As the workout progresses, Conda complained and Dolvett was itching to get back to them at the last-chance workout.

Bob talked to Megan about what’s behind her weight gain. He found out that she’s a horse trainer, but her weight held her back from her dream. Later, he took his team on a hike near Griffith Park. Bob gave them a good workout, using big medicine balls. Daphne worked harder than she did last week. Chris took notice. Daphne noticed that she was the last one to touch the pole and determined that she didn’t want to be last anymore. Bob had a private conversation with her, motivating her to connect with her team. He even talked to them about helping her.

Bob took his team to a special meal after their intense outdoor workout. The ranch nutritionist Rachel Beller greeted them and helped because restaurant eating is the most challenging aspect of many dieters. Rachel asked them what they would have picked before coming to the ranch. Most of their meals were most than 3,000 calories. Emily voiced the dining habits of many women. She said she orders salad and water on a date but high calorie meals with friends. Rachel told them what to look for on a restaurant menu.

Dolvett returned to the ranch and told them about all of the things he saw and heard. They were surprised to know he was watching. He commended Kim on her leadership skills during the week. Then, he pulled out his list of Conda’s 13 complaints, most of them about Adrian. Dolvett told her to worry about herself and do the work. He talked to Adrian about what he needs to do to fit into the team. Although Adrian had valid complaints, Dolvett told Adrian that he needed to listen and show them at the workouts.

At the weigh in, the Red Team were the first to get on the scale. Although the numbers proved they could lose weight without a trainer, it wasn’t enough to surpass the Black Team who had their trainer. Adrian lost nine pounds, and despite her complaints, Conda had the highest percentage of weight loss. The Black Team lost the most weight and had the highest percentage of weight loss. Again, the Red Team went to the elimination room.

Conda had immunity, so she couldn’t be sent home this week. You could see the smirk on her face, and she actually looked at Adrian. Adrian had a look of concern on his face. As they entered the elimination room, the team got rid of Adrian. Honestly, the Red Team was distant with him from the beginning. Whether he reacted the right way or not, I don’t think Adrian could have done anything short of kissing his teammate’s feet. The circumstances on the ranch impelled him to loss 100 pounds at home.

I hate to say this, but I really think Conda is playing a little game of her own. I’m beginning to think she causes conflict with potentially strong people to stress them out. It’s hard to lose weight when you have someone like her around. She loses a large number of pounds, while the other person feels pressured. I think everyone knows someone like her, a person who enjoys inflicting mental pain on other. The Red Team made a lot of excuses themselves, even though they blamed it on Adrian. The truth is, the team was not that cohesive and Conda has been a distraction from the beginning (one of the reasons they continue going to the elimination room). Next week, I’m sure Conda will turn her attention to Daphne, Adrian’s sister.

Weigh In Statistics:

Red Team (Dolvett)

Conda (24) 263 lbs. 255 lbs. 8 lbs.

Kim N. (38) 215 lbs. 209 lbs. 6 lbs.

Roy (63) 268 lbs. 261 lbs. 7 lbs.

Kimmy (48) 193 lbs. 188 lbs. 5 lbs.

Mark (43) 251 lbs. 244 lbs. 7 lbs.

Buddy (42) 345 lbs. 336 lbs. 9 lbs.

Adrian (34) 334 lbs. 325 lbs. 9 lbs.

Total weight loss/percentage 51 lbs./2.73 percent

Black Team (Bob)

Daphne (36) 244 lbs. 236 lbs. 8 lbs.

Cassandra (25) 200 lbs. 195 lbs. 5 lbs.

Chris (42) 211 lbs. 206 lbs. 5 lbs.

Megan (21) 229 lbs. 223 lbs. 6 lbs.

Emily (29) 230 lbs. 223 lbs. 7 lbs.

Jeremy (22) 338 lbs. 326 lbs. 12 lbs.

Chism (19) 318 lbs. 305 lbs. 13 lbs.

Total weight loss/percentage 56 lbs./3.16 percent

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