How to keep good health is a moot question ? If we observe certain things and meticulously regulate our activities accordingly, we may lead a fairly healthy life. We may have plenty of means,materials and money but if are sick or not physically well, we cannot utilise these things and these become meaningless for us. We will thus be devoid of happiness. On the contrary a poor person having good health with meagre resourses is more happy since he can utilise the entire things. As such it is essential that we pay a little heed in keeping us healthy. The following tips may be helpful provided these are religiously followed :

1. Early to bed and early to rise—We should go to bed as early as possible in the night. A good and sound sleep is necessary for keeping good health. In order to have a good sleep, the mind should be tension free. So tension has to be banished out. If you have a sound sleep and you have retired to bed early, there woud not be any problem in getting up early. A morning walk before Sun-rise is very refreshing and it fills you with a lot of oxygen. This will give you enough strength for the whole day. It has been aptly said that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body

2.Yoga—Breathing exercise , it is also called Anulom-Bilom or inhale and exhale, First inhale oxygen through left nostril, keeping the right one closed by your thumb, keep the air inside for two seconds and exhale the air through the right nostril. Thereafter close the left nostril with the middle finger and inhale through the right nostril and retaining the air inside for two seconds exhale through the left nostril. Repeat it for ten minutes. This breathing exercise will cure you of many diseases and build up your resistance power.. You will thus enjoy a devine pleasure and energy as well.

3.Physical exercise—Physical exercise is also necessary for keeping all the organs and the parts of the body in perfect condition. A little running and jumping or jogging is essential for keeping the system fit. Any other form of physical exercise that can be easily performed is necessary for smooth movement of all the parts of our body.

4.Food—It includes our meals, water and air. Our food must be wholesome ,fresh and easily digestible. Proper dieting is very essential for our energy and strength If any item of food is allergic,it should be avoided. It has to be ensured that water that we drink is not contaminated but properly filtered. Air we inhale is not pollut6ed but fresh and healthy. With a view to ensuring that you get pure and fresh air, the cleanliness of your surrounding has to be ensured.

If we take a little care of all these things and avoid smoking and excessive drinking, we may expect a sound health with ample of energy as also as a sound mind which is so essential for leading a happy and long disease free life.

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