Security Checks Make Facebook No Fun

Facebook’s constant sudden and new security checks is destroying the fun of Facebook. I will admit that I have built more than one account. I personally don’t want family members to mingle with the friends I have on my friends list so I have one polite Facebook for family and one “the real me” Facebook for friends. Why is it against the rules to have more than one account? I don’t know and I don’t get it. What is Facebook losing if I have more than one account? If they’re going to place ads on my account, then it should be up to me how many accounts to see those ads on.

Facebook is forcing me to provide a phone number to confirm my account, even though I recently just confirmed it by providing an alternate Email address. But now they’re making me provide a phone number and that phone number can be used for one account only. What happens when there’s more than one person living in the household but not everyone has a cellphone number in order to provide that information? Are they forced to lose their account? How is that fair? How is that fun? It’s not.

I’ve had my Facebook accounts for quite some time already. I’ve already built connections and played the Facebook supported games like FarmVille and Happy Aquarium on them. It should be my right to choose if I want certain people seeing other certain people on my Facebook. If I don’t want that to happen, I shouldn’t be punished from using Facebook. I shouldn’t be punished by losing all those games I’ve spent time and real money on game cards for. I’ve lost them. I can no longer log into my account because the almighty people of Facebook land doesn’t trust that I’m a real person if I have more than one Facebook account.

I was able to log into one account because it gave me the option of choosing either a phone number to provide or choosing to verify five different people in tagged photos from my friends list. That sounds like a joke, but believe it or not I did it and it worked, but my other account isn’t giving me that option. It’s only telling me to provide a phone number and when I do it’s telling me “You are requesting too many codes in a short period of time. Please try again later.” Why? I’m trying to provide what it wants and it won’t let me. Is Facebook really that paranoid about “fake people” using Facebook? Facebook has taken away the option for us to choose what we see in our feed and have given themselves the right to decide whether or not we are a “real person” by preventing us from even logging into our accounts unless we provide personal information such as a cellphone number. I can’t log in to even retrieve anything personal from the account. Any photos, long lost people from the past that I can’t remember the names of, anything I wanted to keep as reference under “me only” posts, and all of the games I enjoyed and put time and effort into, gone. If I can no longer log into the account, then everything inside of it is gone.

Facebook is zapping the fun right out of itself. We should have the right to choose how many accounts we want to take care of as long as we’re not doing anything bad or wrong with those accounts.

Shame on Facebook. Facebook is becoming out of control by being allowed to control its users. Its restrictions are becoming ridiculous and unfair. And I, for one, am very disappointed.

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