See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil

Once upon a time, Isn’t that how most of these stories begin? Well there you go then! Where was I, ah yes. There were three monkeys named; See no evil, Hear no evil and Do no evil. Well, not really in truth they were named Seeno, Hearno, and Blabno. They weren’t actually monkeys either. This is their story.

Three brothers. Triplets, in fact, were born on a small farm on the outskirts of the second-largest city on the continent. Their parents were Findno and Shareno Evel. No relation to a late motorcycle daredevil I assure you. Findno and Shareno were good people. They worked hard and raised their children with wisdom and love allowing them to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Later after the boys had left home, they adopted another child. They named him Dono, and he became quite the celebrity later in life.

Seeno Evel was the eldest by almost five whole minutes. A fact he lorded over his brothers from age five until his untimely death at age 50 when he was hit by a bus crossing the road without first looking both ways. His entire life Seeno was always failing to notice the most basic things about people. His wife was always unhappy with his inability to notice when she changed her hair or bought new items into their home. At work, he was constantly coming late after not seeing the time. His parents were always telling him to look and see what he was doing with his life, and while he always listened he never noticed what was really happening.

Hearno Evel was the second eldest child. He was forever drawing and coloring. He would comment on the smallest changes to his surroundings, always noticing subtle changes to people and their things. Hearno lived to the ripe old age of 105. He was well loved for his funny stories that always captivated the crowds when he performed. Unfortunately, he never had much use for the advice of others and was penniless at the end. Spoken most often about with the words, “if only he had listened” and “nice guy, but you can never get a word in edge wise.”

Blabno Evel was the youngest, and he was like most youngest children a bit wild. At age 25 he calmed down, and then he changed his name to Speak-no and went on the road as a televangelist. He received very good ratings all over the world as he was true to his new name speaking no evil of anyone and everything. Nothing but good news ever came from his mouth, and people loved him for it. He lived to the rip old age of 110 and people spoke elegantly at his eulogy about how he never had a bad word to say of anyone. Later at the wake no one could remember anything he had done in his life but placate others allowing them to delude themselves with no thought to what went on in the world.

The adopted son Dono became of course the best of the brothers. He had no trouble seeing the world around him and spoke often on what could be changed for the betterment of others. He listened to everyone’s views and then made decisions based upon the best information he could gather and his own experiences. He spoke eloquently of what he wished to accomplish in this world and helped others to embrace the same. During his long life he made a huge difference by seeing what was to see, hearing what others ignored and speaking of what was afraid to be spoken by others. Written upon his tombstone the following was inscribed.

“Never be blinded, Turn a deaf ear nor fail to speak out. To do nothing is Evil.”

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