Serotonin and Compulsive Lying in Children: What is the Connection?

Child growth and development is based, in part, on the normal ebb and flow of hormones within the body. As a child develops, these hormonal fluctuations can cause abnormal behavior – often leaving parents frustrated and confused over how to effectively manage child issues. If you’ve noticed that your child has begun to lie more often, and if you are concerned about compulsive lying, it may be prudent to seek out hormone testing to determine how serotonin may play a role.

Children often engage in lying early in their development as a way to learn boundaries and to determine how discipline works in the household. While they may not consciously lie, the boundaries that parents set, and the discipline enforced, will often lead to less lying or more lying depending on how the child perceives the outcome. For some children, however, the lying will continue no matter what discipline is provided and this is often a sign that a serotonin imbalance may be to blame.

Serotonin and compulsive lying are connected but often overlooked by pediatricians and parents. Because serotonin controls many behaviors and thoughts, including those that are related to mood, memory and learning, when a child has an imbalance of serotonin these aspects of child development will often be compromised. In addition, sleepwalking in children is also related to a serotonin abnormality for which treatment is needed.

If you are concerned about your child’s compulsive lying, it is important to seek out testing of hormone levels and to, specifically, ask for testing of serotonin. In most children, the serotonin imbalance can be more effective managed with a serotonin diet and medications. Overtime, the body may naturally balance serotonin levels and the compulsive lying that is associated with it will also balance and fall away. In the long term, if your child does not discontinue compulsive lying, then medications to stabilize serotonin in the long term may be necessary.

As a parent, there is no doubt you can be easily frustrated over your child’s compulsive lying and ability to have no regard for those people or circumstances in their lives. If you are finding that your child lies excessively, remember it could be part of the normal child growth and development but, in some cases, there is a strong imbalance of serotonin that may cause the compulsive lying to develop.

Sources: Secrets of Serotonin, by Carol Hart

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