Serving Cheesecake Creatively

The best way to serve cheesecake is to put on your Martha Stewart hat and begin by making your own cheese after milking your cow and flying to Switzerland for the finest chocolate and sugar. Too time consuming? For most of us, yes. But I can show you a few ways to dress up a delicious tried and true cheesecake that didn’t take a week to make.

Homemade cheesecake is fabulous, but so is Sarah Lee’s version. First of all you just want to find a great cheesecake that your really like and buy it already divided into wedges. Often your favorite supermarket will have them in the freezer section. Topping it creatively is the key to making it your own dessert.

Then go crazy!

You can make your topping’s seasonal.

For back to school:
Slice bananas in a circle around a wedge of plain cheesecake. Mix creamy peanut butter and jelly together and drizzle over everything.

For the first day of Autumn:
Place thee gummy fall colored leaves adrift on a wedge of pumpkin cheesecake and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for a sparkly treat

A snowy winters night:
Choose any kind of cheesecake you like. Cover it with mounds of coconut. Build a little snowman with two small size marshmallows on a pretzel stick Use the pointed end of a toothpick dipped into food coloring for buttons, eyes and stick it in the top of the snow mound.

You can make your toppings flavorful:

Drizzle Creme de Menthe and then drizzle chocolate over a wedge. Add a few mint leaves and wait for the raves.

Spoon raspberry jelly on top of chocolate cheesecake and drizzle with Hershey’s syrup and place one corner of a Hershey’s square of chocolate into the wedge.

Crush toasted walnuts and sprinkle over a plain cheesecake wedge and drizzle the wedge and plate with maple syrup then top with a store bought ladyfinger cookie.

Surprise your guest:
You can tuck surprises inside your favorite flavor and frost with whipped topping to hide the holes,
Surprises can be:
soft chewy candies
butterscotch chips
dried cranberries
a whole cookie
Just use your imagination!

Layer it!
Layering a cheesecake wedge makes a very tall beautiful dessert.
Slice a partially frozen wedge into thirds carefully by drawing a piece of floss through it.
spread lemon curd in between the layers, top with a dollop of whipped cream and a tall sparkly candle

Just have fun
A basic piece of cheesecake and few minutes of your time can make a fun and different dessert that looks like you spent hours making. So take these suggestions and tweak them to find fabulous flavors and pretty desserts for any occasion. Go for the seasonal topping, a holiday topping, a dramatic topping or flavor burst sensation. Just don’t work too hard and let your creative dessert cover you with glory.

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