Sestina: Birth of a Vampire

When I gave you birth you came in blood
The ending of my wild desire
All creation born of hunger
The need the beginning of every life.
I bend so close to feel your pulse
The wild patter of a frightened heartbeat.

The taste of skin atop your heartbeat
There beneath your skin, the blood
The pattering music of your pulse
Echoing my wild desire
My need to take you, give you life
Give you to my deep soul’s hunger.

How to slake that burning hunger?
Biting deep into your heartbeat
I can only give if I take your life
Take the warm heat of your blood
To slake my feral, wild desire
In the music of your slowing pulse.

Slow, and slower, quieting pulse
Victim of the raving hunger
Victim of my wild desire
The quiet dying of your heartbeat
The sweet elixir of your blood
The sweet, sweet ending of your life.

I give it back to you, your life
Within the silence of your pulse
After the tasting of your blood
That slaked the deepness of my hunger
Always silent now, your heartbeat
Always singing my desire.

You will come back, to my desire
Together we claim unending life
Within the silence of your heartbeat
Under the silence of your pulse
Rages the feral, the raving hunger
Rages always the need for blood.

Your heartbeat has died, that quiet pulse
No more my life can feel your hunger.
Together we fly in desire of blood.

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