Tired but satisfied from a hectic month of nonstop work from her part-time job at the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services as a social worker and the various charities and fundraisers that she gladly gave her time to, Shamrock Girl or Green O’Jadery as she was currently known as was looking forward to a nice peaceful bonus two week vacation that she had been granted for her outstanding work. “Oh, how good it was going to feel to kick back and relax for a couple of weeks.” Shamrock Girl thought happily as she put away the last of the groceries into the refrigerator. Just as Shamrock Girl was about to shut the refrigerator door she felt a sharp breeze run through her hair. Shamrock Girl immediately let out a delighted scream as she hurriedly slammed the refrigerator door shut and ran into the living room jumping up and down.

Ten nanoseconds later, a very large black cat (38 pounds to be exact) with the same brilliant emerald green eyes like Shamrock Girl’s appeared floating on a large ethereal shamrock a few feet away from her in her comfortable living room. The cat was wearing a large shamrock shaped knapsack on it’s shiny black back. Suddenly, the cat whipped the knapsack off it’s back, threw it aside and jumped off the ethereal floating shamrock. It immediately disappeared. Then Emeralda the Cat launched herself right into the outstretched arms of her beloved owner. The cat and it’s owner hugged for a few minutes before they broke apart. Emeralda the Cat then jumped from Shamrock Girl’s loving but aching arms deftly onto one of Shamrock Girl’s overstuffed couches and with her left paw patted the space right beside her. Shamrock Girl immediately joined Emeralda the Cat on the couch. A huge smile splitted Shamrock Girl’s beautiful face.

Emeralda the Cat was not only Shamrock Girl’s beloved pet but her best friend in the world. Emeralda with her beautiful brilliant emerald green eyes looked directly into Shamrock Girl’s beautiful brilliant emerald green eyes and communicated her first question. (Emeralda the Cat was blessed with the gift of eyeball telepathy.) “What’s been going on? Tell me the dirt, girl!” Shamrock Girl threw her head back and laughed merrily then gladly filled her beloved pet in on what had been going on in the past month while she had been away at a cat friend of hers that had taken ill.

It was a good two hours later when Shamrock Girl’s stomach suddenly growled loudly interrupting her decoration suggestions for the Good Vibes Charity Dinner Dance that was to be held next month. Both Shamrock Girl and Emeralda immediately broke out into a huge fit of giggles. After a few nanoseconds of uncontrollable silly laughter Shamrock Girl suggested that they do the rest of their catching up later and have some supper. She stood up and was just about to ask Emeralda what she wanted to eat when Emeralda raised her large left paw as if to say, “wait.” Shamrock Girl stood stock still and looked questioningly into Emeralda’s eyes. Slowly, a wide grin splitted Emeralda’s face. Shamrock Girl got a good glimpse of a row of perfect sparkly small white teeth. Shamrock Girl immediately recognized that smile and got excited.

“What?” asked Shamrock Girl with eager excitement. With expert eyeball telepathy, Emeralda the Cat said, “Let’s go home for two weeks and spend some of that bonus money that you earned! Plus, we can also visit Dr. Al too! I haven’t seen her in ages! I miss her so much!” Upon hearing this, Shamrock Girl closed her eyes then hit herself hard on the right side of her head. She was suddenly very mad at herself. “Of course, why didn’t I think of that!” Shamrock Girl then said angrily, “I should have thought of that!” Emeralda the Cat snorted loudly then again lifted her left paw then flicked it airly. She then looked Shamrock Girl directly in the eyes and communicated loudly, “Girl, you’ve been busy! Life happens. Sak up!” Shamrock Girl again threw her head back and laughed for a long time before finally smiling modestly at Emeralda and nodded her head and agreed that she was right.

Shamrock Girl plopped back down on her overstuffed couch loudly, leaned down and hugged her pet tightly. Emeralda smiled then kissed Shamrock Girl on the cheek. She then gently pushed Shamrock Girl backward stopping when she had both of her front paws in Shamrock Girl’s hands and they were at arms length. Again with expert eyeball telepathy she said, “Okay girl, enough with this lovey dovey stuff! Let’s get packed and get the hell out of here! I’m starved!” Emeralda didn’t have to tell Shamrock Girl twice! Shamrock Girl jumped up from the overstuffed couch and ran into her bedroom where she grabbed a small shamrock shaped suitcase from her closet and began stuffing hurriedly a few clothes and toiletries into it. In the mean time, Emeralda the Cat looked around for the knapsack that she had hastily thrown aside upon her arrival. She finally spotted it crumpled in a corner of Shamrock Girl’s living room. Emeralda made her way over to the knapsack, opened it then poured the contents directly on the floor. She then scooped up the knapsack and started filling it with fresh items that she would need for the trip home.

Sixteen minutes later, both Shamrock Girl and Emeralda were all packed and ready to go. They both stood in the middle of the living room. Emeralda looked at the collar ring around her neck made of pure emeralds, gold and several small pieces of the Blarney Stone from Ireland embedded into it with total concentration. Again with expert eyeball telepathy she said, “Shamrock of Justice.” Less than a nanosecond later, a large green floating ethereal shamrock appeared twelve inches above the ground. Emeralda and Shamrock Girl both stepped up onto it. Emeralda looked down at the Shamrock of Justice and with her eyes said, “Let’s ride!”

90 nanoseconds later, Emeralda the Cat and Shamrock Girl stood tightly together with their luggage by their sides in a beautiful but incredibly cluttered living room on their home planet of Jytrimillya. The room was an interesting sight to behold. It was a mixture of modern and old, Jytrimillyan and Earth, big and small and there were colors of every shade in a standard rainbow. Emeralda lifted her left paw and patted Shamrock Girl’s foot comfortingly. As always whenever Shamrock Girl entered this apartment after any long stretch of time, big fat tears immediately filled her eyes and splashed torrentially down her face. It had been six years since Emerson and Shanna O’Jadery (a.k.a. Shamrock Man and Shamrock Woman) had lived here. She had inherited the place when her parents, her only living relatives, died when she was nineteen years old.

Unbeknownst to Shamrock Girl she had begun absentmindedly walking around the extremely cluttered condo apartment and began touching lovingly the numerous items that her parents had acquired over the many years that they had been alive. As Shamrock Girl touched each item she thought fondly of her beloved parents. How they had met at Lower Jytrimillya Junior High School, Shamrock Girl’s first trip to Earth with them when she was seven years old, the day both of her parents had won the Jytrimillyan medal of bravery, one of the highest honor’s that a Jytrimillyan police officer could receive for thwarting an Earth robbery and saving several peoples lives.

Both of Shamrock Girl’s parents had been police officers with Jytrimillya City Justice, the local and largest police department on the planet of Jytrimillya and located in Jytrimillya City. Unfortunately due to their stressful careers, they both took up smoking even though they knew the risks. Cigarette smoke was a hundred times more toxic on a Jytrimillyan than on an Earth person. Sadly they both died six years ago within just a couple of months of each other.

As Shamrock Girl continued to walk around the condo apartment in a trance-like haze, she remembered how happy and proud her parents were when they told her when she was a little girl that after years and years of scrimping and saving they were finally able to purchase this four bedroom condo apartment in Jytrimillya City Towers. It was their first and only true home. Shamrock Girl’s parents often said that there were two kinds of Jytrimillyans, house people and condo people. Shamrock Girl’s parents were definitely condo people. They absolutely loved being right smack dab in the middle of things. With Jytrimillya City Towers located right in downtown Jytrimillya City, to Shamrock Girl’s parents it was the place to be. They loved it here and Shamrock Girl was a mommy and daddy’s girl which meant that she loved it here too.

All of a sudden without knowing why, Shamrock Girl jumped a foot into the air. She looked around wildly then came crashing back down to Jytrimillya when she saw Emeralda the Cat looking up at her. A sad but patient look covered her face although the beautiful jet black fur on her face was damp. Apparently, Emeralda had tapped her on the foot to get her attention. “They loved you very much and would be just as proud of you today as I am.” Emeralda’s eyes said lovingly. More tears splashed down Shamrock Girl’s face as she nodded her head. Emeralda then walked around Shamrock Girl then stretched up until both of her front paws were on the small of Shamrock Girl’s back and gently nudged Shamrock Girl forward. Shamrock Girl looked back at her cat and Emeralda’s eyes said, “Let’s take a walk.”

It was a miraculous transformation once Shamrock Girl and Emeralda got outdoors. It seemed one nanosecond Shamrock Girl was feeling very sad and the next nanosecond she was feeling like she was on top of the world. As Shamrock Girl and Emeralda walked past Sparkflash’s Superhero Costume Outfitters, Jytrimillya City Pizzeria, Dapper Dance’s Dance Studio & Emporium and the numerous other businesses and various other places in the capitol city, Shamrock Girl felt so full of happiness. She was instantly feeling like her old self. She was feeling like Emerson and Shanna O’Jadery’s beloved and extremely loved daughter. This time when Shamrock Girl smiled the brilliant sparkle of her beautiful white teeth practically lit up the planet with blinding and effervescent light. When Shamrock Girl looked down at Emeralda she found herself fumbling around for just the right words to thank her beloved cat. But before any words could pass Shamrock Girl’s mouth, Emeralda held up her left paw and again with expert eyeball telepathy said, “I’m so hungry that I could eat a horse and for a cat to do that is a feat in itself! Let’s get something to eat, i’m starved!” Emeralda then patted Shamrock Girl’s foot and winked at her in a you-don’t-have-to-say-anything-I-love-you-girl way. Shamrock Girl continued to smile at her cat while silently thanking her. Emeralda again lifted her left paw and flicked it airly as if to say, “No problem.” Emeralda again looked deeply into Shamrock Girl’s eyes and firmly said, “Let’s go!”

Emeralda started walking again and in a nanosecond put on a huge burst of speed. Shamrock Girl was hot on her tail. After several minutes of walking, Emeralda suddenly stopped. Shamrock Girl again smiled bright. She was happily looking up at one of her most favorite places in the world, The Jytrimillya City Community Club. The club was the hangout! The place for both superheros and supervillians to be. To be a member of the club the only requirement was that you had to be a resident of Jytrimillya City. The JC Club as it was known was comprised of many miles of meeting rooms, exercise equipment, clothing shops and much much more. But right now the only amenity that Emeralda the Cat was interested in was the JC Food Court. Shamrock Girl and Emeralda wasted no time in zipping up the beautiful sparkly diamond-like stairs and entered the club. The both of them had taken no more than four steps before they were engulfed in hugs and merry greetings from their fellow superheros and superpets. Unfortunately, they were also greeted with an equal amount of boos and jeers from a group of passing supervillians and their superpets. However, this did not spoil their mood, Shamrock Girl and Emeralda both felt terrific! As they continued to be swallowed up by the hugs and greetings from their brethren, at one point Shamrock Girl and Emeralda were able to make eye contact and with perfect synergy they both communicated at the same time that it was good to be home.

After what seemed like a million nanoseconds, Shamrock Girl and Emeralda gave the last superhero left to be greeted hearty hugs and then hurriedly made their way down one of the numerous hallways to the food court. After a couple of nanoseconds of walking, waving and high-fiveing, they arrived at their destination. Shamrock Girl threw the double doors open quickly then sighed with ecstacy. Emeralda purred loudly beside her. Inside the gigantic room was total chaos! The noise level was deafening! The sight was also spectacular too! The room was literally filled with kiosks of every size and color and each one of those kiosks were manned by superheros and supervillians of every size and color cooking and dishing up both Jytrimillyan and Earth food. There were also superhero and supervillian customers milling around everywhere as well. Some of them were moving superfast and some of them were moving around superslow but wherever you looked there was some kind of movement. Even the superhero and supervillians waiting in line at the many kiosks were moving unnaturally. For a nanosecond Shamrock Girl felt a little seasick. Emeralda startled her when she tapped her on the foot and with her eyes said, “Let’s get our food and meet back here, okay?” Shamrock Girl nodded her head. She then watched Emeralda walk over and stand in the line that said “Shazam Seafood” and started to talk to a superhero and his dutch rabbit.

All of a sudden a low and strangled rumble erupted from her belly. Shamrock Girl was immediately embarrassed. She quickly looked around then sighed with relief. Thanks to all of the noise and activity nobody heard her stomach. Shamrock Girl looked around quickly then made her way over and got into the McDonald’s line. After a few more hugs and kisses from hungry superhero friends who had just noticed their arrival, a short time later, both Shamrock Girl and Emeralda arrived near the enter/exit doors of the food court. Two huge trays floated beside them. On Shamrock Girl’s tray sat a Big Mac, large fries, large shamrock shake, apple pie and a chocolate sundae. On Emeralda’s tray sat two extremely large and delicious-looking pieces of catfish, a large container of crab salad, a dish of stuffed lobster mushrooms, a large bottle of 7up, a small piece of peach cobbler and a small cup filled with a single scoop of butter pecan ice cream. They both left the food court and walked a short distance straight ahead. They then made a left turn and again walked straight ahead until they came to a door with “Main Lounge” printed boldly above it. Shamrock Girl opened one of the double doors and walked in. Her large tray of food, Emeralda and Emeralda’s large tray of food closely followed. No sooner than the door had shut they were greeted by song. Shamrock Girl and Emeralda both groaned loudly because they recognized that voice instantly.

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