Damalie and I, had been dating, for a solid three years! However, it all came to a dead end, when she spilled the beans. She was no longer picking up my calls, and interested in spending time with me. To save myself the stress, I terminated the relationship. Here are the ways; you can tell she no longer digs you!

There are, those glory days, when, she couldn’t spend thirty minutes, calling just to say, hi. These days, she’s different. It’s now you to always call, and when you do, she either puts you on hold, or hangs up. Do you still, require a tutorial, from a professor, to understand, she’s no longer interested?

May be; she previously, used to, introduce you to, her pals as her boyfriend, but she no longer does. She prefers, introducing you, to her new clique of pals, as “just”, a friend! Watch out brother; she’s just explaining, it through action, that she wants you detached from her! You, are only taking long to understand!

You must be recalling those moments; cherished together, when she could even buy you suites and the like. She now has a better job, but can’t afford toothpaste at her crib. You must foot all the bills, from, “Anna to Zachariah”. Don’t wait to turn to laughing stock! End such a relationship, however emotional, it has been!

You must be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Since we’re the men, women think, we can contain everything, which comes! They mayn’t find the interest in hurting you, but want the relationship, done! Therefore, be man enough, to contain the pain, and move. Never know, she wasn’t meant for you, and could the reason barring you from, that dream girl, waiting to show you paradise!

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