SHIFT 2 Something Exciting

Well, it’s time for review on another GREAT title from EA Games.

NFS SHIFT 2 Unleashed

Let me start on a true congratulation on the release of this game! Most definitely worth the wait. They really managed to capture the true essence of motor racing in all its glory. The vehicle handling is next to spot on to each individual car. But keep in mind, when buying a racing game of this quality, one must have at least proper hand held controller to experience the full capability of this masterpiece. If you can afford it, get the full racing kit – Seat, wheel and paddles – You won’t be disappointed. Even the sounds are incredible, Sharp, high pitched Rotaries, growling, monstrous V8’s and Screaming V12’s, the list goes on. What ever your flavor, you will find it.

Not easy and not hard, but challenging, with every race comes it’s own unique feel and excitement. My heart’s racing just thinking about it! There really is very little fault I can find with this game. Something that I would change is the vehicle/garage accessibility and from there the upgrade options that are limited to only performance upgrades before a race. I mean, come on, if you bought a ride just before a race, you would probably want to do some cosmetics as well? You don’t just buy a shirt for a date and slam it on? You shave, do your hair, ensure your shoes are clean, etc. Why should it be any different with your car?

O, and let’s not forget the online capability. This is another no-brainer… it’s good! EA and Slightly MAD studios out did themselves on this project for sure. Slight mad but totally brilliant!

They left nothing to chance. Even the vehicle tuning is covered in every single detail. The only thing missing is getting under the car yourself and looking like a grease monkey. If your looking to learn some “science” in tuning, this is place and the cheapest!

If you’re still wondering what to make of this review, this is IT in short…

GO AND BUY IT! You won’t be disappointed and entertained for months to come!

With all that being said, I leave you with this: Keep in mind this is and will always be a virtualization and still far from the real 150 , 200 and 250MpH. Drive safe and enjoy!

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