Should You Call Him ?

Ladies stop obsessing about whether he’s sleeping, dead, working, or ignoring you. Do not, I repeat do not call him, it’s a sign of weakness and he will pounce. If you call he will think he’s got you twisted around his little finger. Hide the phone if it’s too tempting or turn it off, but stop looking at it over and over again wondering if he called since the last five minutes you checked. Go out with the girls have some fun, or blow off some steam at the gym, just keep yourself busy so you’re not thinking about his call.

He is the hunter and he should be chasing and pursuing you…not the other way around. If you start calling him he will either think you are desperate or easy, and he will take advantage of that. I know it’s hard, you can’t stop thinking about the wonderful date you had last night drinking wine atop the Eiffel tower as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear. I know you miss the sound of his butter smooth voice, but if you want this to work then you’re not going to call him. Why, because if he really likes you then he will call. He’ll be thinking why hasn’t this chick called me yet, maybe she wasn’t into me, or maybe she actually has a life besides me, and then what do you know he’s dialing your number because he misses you.

Once he does finally call the ball will be in your court, do not act pissed or annoyed that he hasn’t called and start interrogating him like a crazy person. This guy has a life too and is trying to make something of himself with his career, which is good, that’s the kind of guy you want. When he does finally call keep it short and sweet, ask him how his week has been, tell him you’ve been busy with work/school/whatever, give him a day to hang out, and then tell him you have to run. Try to stay upbeat and positive, guys want to hear from girls that are happy with thier life, not constantly depressed. If he doesn’t call then he wasn’t into you or he just wanted an easy lay, regardless, you just dodged yourself a bullet there, and lots of heartache.

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