Simple Ways to Cut Wedding Flower Costs

With wedding season coming upon us in the next few months, brides everywhere are preparing for their big days, and many are watching how they spend. I, among many others, am on a strict $10,000 budget for my wedding in May. Therefore, I am always looking for ways to cut down expenses, while still keeping it classy and nice for my guests. The first area of expense I wanted to cut was my floral budget. Here are a few tips I learned in the past few months while planning.

First, keep your centerpieces simple. For me, big, full flower centerpieces at my reception were not that important to me. I am a huge candle lover, and wanted to incorporate candles into the centerpiece. I found a great deal on votive candles from a company called Quick Candles,, and ordered 6 dozen unscented black votives for $17.99. I picked up all of the glass votive holders in bulk from Joann Fabrics,, using 40% off and 50% coupons when I could. For six 12 packs of votive holders, originally $8.99 a pack, I paid around $30. The best part is, I get to keep them! For the main part of the centerpiece, I wanted to do a tall cylinder vase filled with water, with a red rose submerged in the water, along with a floating candle and black gems at the bottom. I got my vases and gems at the Dollar Tree, super cheap. I highly recommend going to a dollar store for wedding items, if you can. For 12 tables, I only need 1 dozen roses to fill the cylinders. You can buy a dozen roses for cheap from just about any grocery store, warehouse club or even drugstore – anywhere but a high priced florist. Instead of filling vases with dozens of flowers, keep it simple, fill your table with candles, rose petals, even your favors can double as centerpieces. It will make your reception setting much more romantic looking, and relaxing too.

Next, skip going to a florist all together for your bouquets and boutonnieres. It’s so easy to put your own together, if you’re not really picky about the way the flowers are put together. Tie a dozen roses together with pretty ribbon from the craft store, and there you go! No need to pay a florist $150 or more for just the bride’s bouquet alone. Simple, hand tied bouquets done by you make it nice to look back on and know that you made your own bouquet.

For ceremony decorations, go with candles again if you are able to in your church or other ceremony setting. Candles always look great, especially at late afternoon and evening ceremonies. Better yet, have your ceremony outside in a garden, which is already pretty, and will most likely be cheaper anyway, since you are not required to pay for the church ceremony, just the officiant’s service.

Finally, choose flowers that are in season but not in high demand during the time you’ll be getting married. Roses are always available, but you’ll pay a hefty price tag especially around Valentines’ Day and Mothers’ Day. Tulips are a great spring time choice, and make great bouquets and small centerpieces. Do your homework and shop around online, or at your local grocery store. You’ll be surprised how much you can save by choosing another option other than a florist.

Best wishes to you on your wedding day, and happy planning!

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