Simply Put, Don’t Drink and Drive!

Chances are that most of us have either read or heard about individuals who were injured or killed as a result of someone driving while intoxicated or impaired. Some may even have first hand experience. If ever I had a pet peeve, it is someone who drives in a drunken state. When former co-workers of mine would say how they planned to party for the weekend, I would gently remind them to not get behind the wheel drunk. It is not an amusing story when you hear of the senseless loss of life because of it.

I want to commend the Raytown Police Department and members of the Jackson County Traffic Safety Force Task. They are teaming up to operate a DWI saturation patrol with the intent of getting impaired drivers off the road.

With the holiday season approaching, drunk or impaired driving becomes a major problem for law enforcement and police to deal with.

There is a common sense solution to the problem. Don’t drink and drive. Select a designated driver before your partying begins. According to the Raytown Times, “Impaired driving is one of the most common violent crimes, randomly killing or injuring someone in Missouri every 1.6 hours”. That is a sad statistic that is probably echoed in other states too.

Drinking is a choice that an individual makes. If you choose to indulge, acting responsibly is a must. Think about the lives you can possibly impact negatively if making the wrong choice.

Have the decency to respect the rights of others to live. In a drunken stupor you are in no condition to make a logical decision or to operate a vehicle.

This Raytown effort will additionally hone in on hazardous moving violators. The goal is to lessen the number of deaths and injuries that too often occur because of one’s selfishness and utter disregard for the safety of others on the road.

Simply put, don’t drink and drive. Have the decency to respect the rights of others to live. Besides, that life you save might very well be your own or those of a loved one.


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