Since We Are Destined to Die Are Our Lives Controlled by Destiny

According to the bible, there is a time and place for everything. Throughout my life, those words have had an impact on my daily decision-making process. I have often wondered if I should throw my hands in the air and say, it will be, as it should.

When confronted with complicated problems, should we stress over them or just let them play out? How many times have we attempted to solve a problem and our intervention made the situation worst?

I do not really know why I am saying such things because it is not in my DNA to live my life like that. For as long as I can recall, the words accountability and responsibility was part of my growing up.

In any given family the children may have been born under the same roof and the same set of principles, yet, one may become a lawyer and the other a criminal. Is that destiny?

Certain religions adhere to the point that before the end of time, certain things will happen. If this is a fact, it can only be destiny. History has clearly shown that humanity will forever be at war. We all know that people die during war. The ones that die, were their names already selected? Simply put, were they born to die in that particular conflict?

As I become older, I am more inclined to think we are control by destiny. The most compelling story that influenced me is the one about baby Jesus and the king who wanted to destroy him.

The king issues a directive to destroy all babies under a certain age in hope of destroying baby Jesus. For the protection and safety of Jesus, many babies lost their lives.

Some folks are born with wealth while others may be born poor. In either case, the person had no input. That makes sense to me because since every thing will happen, people will have to be stationed in certain areas to ensure they play their role.

I think Shakespeare said (paraphrase) the world is but a stage. If destiny is the order of the day, that makes sense. It is clear to me that everything on this earth whether adamant or in adamant have a role. When it becomes necessary to make a decision, we may ponder our options. When we make our decision, did we really have input or was that the way it was destined to be?

That brings me back to my earlier point, I must be who I am. My mind would not allow me to just sit idle and think of nothing. My creator wired me to play my part and I cannot deviate from it.

We all know that there are those among us who will do almost anything, kill rob, etc. For the most part, you nor I could walk into a bank and attempt to rob it, not in our DNA. This means to me that the bank robber was born with the propensity to rob banks. The killer was born to kill, etc. etc.

I find it most laughable when I hear folks using derogatory names to make fun of others. They are so matter of fact in their assertions one would think they had input in determining who they are. We must realize that none of us had any input on our race or creed.

So what do we do? I think we must make every effort to understand that we control nothing in life and anything may happen during the course of our lifetime. I can spend the rest of my life attempting to find the meaning of life, which I do not think I will, or attempt to live life without the stress of worrying about things I cannot control.

On the other hand, we would be perceived as being selfish and uncaring if we attempted to detach ourselves from the vigor of everyday events. Therefore, even though we have no control, we must play our role and pretend to like it.

I really wish it were that simple.








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