Sisheina One Day

Sisheina just moved from Tokyo a week ago. Her father is Indonesian and her mother is Japanese. They are very busy working. Now she goes to an International School in South Jakarta, grade 5. She is very smart girl. She can speak English and Japanese very well. But, she doesn’t like to sweat her self with bodily-moving activities. She is very fan of playing computer game. She never misses her time to play game where ever she is. She plays game in her car with her cellphone. She plays it in her bedroom with her computer. Something bad about her hobby is she doesn’t like to mingle with her friends. Her teachers ask her to play with her friends so she will have a lot of new friends in Jakarta. But Sisheina keeps her self away from them. She can’t let her self go from her electronic games.

One day, Sisheina feels sad because her friends don’t want to talk with her anymore. The teachers ask all students not to use cellphone during the school hours. Her friends are happy playing in the school yard. They are laughing. They are running and catching each other. When they are finished they go to canteen and eat together. They look tired, but they seem very excited.

One day after that, Sisheina comes to one of her friends and says “Hi Monica, can I join to play baseball wity you, girls? It seems fun.”

Monica and other friends are surprised with her request. “Are you sure, you want to play with us? We’ll play outdoor. We play baseball. It will sweat you,” Monica replies.

“Yes, I am pretty sure. I always play baseball in my computer game, now I’d like to try and practice it by my self. Would you teach me how to play it?” Sisheina is hoping.

“Hhmmm…I don’t know,” Monica says again. “Let me ask the other pals if they want to play with you.”

“OK, no problem. I know I never got along with other friends, but now I really want to play with them. I dont have friends here, that’s why I always play game with my cellphone. I feel worried if you don’t want to play with me,” Sisheina tells about her feeling to Monica.

Not long after that, Monica asks other friends to accept Sisheina in their team and and teach her how to play baseball. At first, they all feel ignorant, but since Sisheina is very enthusiastic in participating in the baseball game, they finally can accept her.

Since that day, Sisheina is not addicted to the cellphone or computer game anymore. She plays it once in a while. Sometimes she invites Monica and other classmates to come and play in her house or do other activities together. She also finds a joy without her electronic game.

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