Skin has chosen the path of a lot of people. I am not talking about the color of skin. I am talking about beautiful skin. The kinds of skin that puts all of your senses onto heaven’s door, and makes you feel like you are flying through cloud. That is the kind of skin I am talking about. When you see it, you forget all about your troubles and drift into its spell. Oh you wish the feeling can last forever. But as soon that vision of ecstasy leaves your sight; you are back into your world reality. Just waiting for the next goddesses of skin; you walk on.

There is this commercial that ran for years on television that said, “Nothing beat a great pair of legs.” If you think about it, that commercial’s own words put it off television. Because if you had a great pair of legs you did not need any stockings on, and girls started taking off those stockings and showed off their spellbinding legs. Stocking sells took the fall of a falling star. Do you think the makers of panty hoses hate that commercial right now? Beautiful skin is one of man’s greatest weaknesses (Sheer Energy, 2011).

If you are going to tan your skin, why would you tan beautiful skin? It would be like destroying your skin cell by cell. Oh I know nothing is forever, but beautiful skin can make feel like it can last forever. Do you ever wonder how God would feel watching such a tragic act of destruction to your skin? I believe great skin does not need tanning; it needs attention. So please, if you have skin made from the heavens, let it shine! Because there is no greater joy than the sight of beautiful skin in its most natural state, and eyes do not lie.

I have to be honest with you and say there is one part of the body beautiful skin just cannot help. And that is the face. If your bone structure is not right, the greatest of beautiful skin cannot help you. Because great bone structure is what makes a face truly in a vision all its own, and faces do not lie. But if you are a great make-up artist, you can blend in beauty onto your face with skills of a master. And if you cannot do that, there are some great plastic surgeons in this world that can produce great faces of art. So when you find beautiful skin with great bone structure, only God knows the pleasure that walked into your eyes.

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