Snow-Themed Activities for Kids

Living in Southern California, my family and I aren’t able to experience fresh snow on Christmas morning. Last year, it snowed for the first time in over two decades. My daughter loved playing in the white powder. However, this year, we probably won’t have anything more than hail. That’s okay. We can always drive to see the snow. Or, we’ll participate in some of these fun, snow-themed activities for kids.

Snow Globe Picture

My daughter, along with every other toddler I know, is fascinated with snow globes. It’s easy to make a paper snow globe. First, have kids draw a snow globe scene on a circular piece of paper that is about five inches in diameter. Then, put the drawing in a plastic sandwich bag. Place silver glitter or small bits of cotton in the bag and tape the excess plastic on the back of the bag. Back the snow globe with construction paper. This is one snow globe that you won’t have to worry about breaking.

Cotton Ball Snowman

Provide children with a stiff piece of paper and a good amount of cotton balls. They can construct a snowman using cotton balls and glue. Give strips of felt for scarves and colored pom poms for the facial features.

Decorate with Snowflakes

Making snowflakes is a pastime that I never get tired of. I made them when I was a child. My students have always enjoyed them. Now, I plan on making snowflakes with my children. I like using construction paper and folding the paper several times. Show kids how to snip away to make a beautiful design. Then, place a plastic sheet on the ground and decorate with glitter glue and markers. Hang the finished products around the house for a beautiful snow scene.

Ice Cube Races

This is a good one for groups of six or more. Using large spoons, place an ice cube on each utensil. Kids will walk quickly from one end to the other. Then, they hand the spoon off to the next child. For younger kids, consider using plastic ladles. Do this on a cold day so the ice cubes don’t melt.

Marshmallow Snowmen

These are cute treats to make and then eat. Each child should have a pretzel stick and three marshmallows. There are many different options for decorating. However, licorice ropes are good for scarves. Decorator’s gel can be used for the face. Sprinkles or small candies are excellent for any other details.

Cotton Ball Swim

This is a fun one for three to four year olds. Fill up a small plastic pool with cotton balls. Make things even more authentic by putting the cotton in the freezer for a bit. Kids can play in the chilly softness. Older children can guess how many cotton balls are in the pool for a prize.

Of course, real snow is fun. However, these crafts allow us to escape from the cold. For those of us who live in warmer climates, sometimes we have to bring the snow to our kids in different ways.

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