Solar Lighting That’s Easy and Affordable

This year, I wanted to try something new in my outdoor space. I needed some added light, since the trees were taking over in my yard. Also, since the Fall season had officially arrived, I simply can’t see anything outside after 7pm. The other night I stepped on the cat’s tail trying to take the garbage out. (sorry Fluffy) This was a growing problem and needed to be fixed right away.

I wanted some stylish outdoor lights that really gave off a lot of light, without any wiring (since that was never going to happen). I chose the Globe Solar Light for the yard. I actually got 3 of them to create a line of light along the walking path. They were tall and thin at the base, with a globe light at the top. There were so many styles to choose from on the website, I had a hard time deciding. I picked a simple style that matched the shutters on my house and came in black or brown colors. They were at

With solar lights, there is no wiring of any kind needed. They work on an auto- operation, so that when the sun goes down, they turn on automatically. These outdoor lights are manufactured so that they will not take on water and can easily be placed in a garden, by the mailbox, or the sidewalk. These particular lights will also run for up to 10 hours on a single days charge. Some of the cheaper lights will only last a few hours and are not as bright. So, ten hours of light was more than enough.

When it comes to solar lights, there are many variations in brightness, weight, and time of light. Be sure to check these details before you buy, so you can compare and get what you need. The lights at offered bright LED bulbs, so I was happy when I found that out. Solar lights also have an option of a covering, or light reflector, so you can direct the light where you need it. Instead of wasted light into the air, you can choose to shine it on the ground or path where you will be walking.

One thing to remember, is if you are going to be putting the lights in the ground, make sure you get a ground stake or check to see if they come with them included in the kit that you buy. When we got our lights, it came with all we needed for an instant install. The light we purchased even came with rechargeable batteries too!

Our last solar light purchase was the best idea we had. We got a solar light for our outside tool shed. We have an outdoor metal tool shed that is for storage of tools and yard equipment, and whenever we went out there in the evenings, we had to carry a flashlight. It was a problem when we needed to find things in the dark. Last month, my husband hit his knee cap on the handle of the riding mower and was limping for a week. Since he was injured, every time he needed something, I had to be the one to go get it for him and carry it to him. That got old-fast! My sympathy was running out after the second day.

We definitely needed a light in there, but wiring one was a problem. The shed was over 150 feet away from the house, and we did not want a wire strung all across the yard. Getting a solar light for the shed was a great idea! It solved an instant problem for us.

The new solar light hangs inside the tool shed (or storage shed) on the wall, or wherever you need it. Then, the solar panel is affixed on the outside corner of the shed to receive the sunlight. The only wire you have is from the receiver to the light, but no electrical skills are needed. It’s ready to hang, right out of the box! Imagine an outdoor light in your shed with no wiring and no extra monthly costs! We considered this to be one of our better purchases.

This light was especially bright: it had 24 LED’s and would light up to 2 hours with full charge. It has a pull cord for easy on- or- off access. The light also has a rechargeable battery for longer use that we keep in the house in case we need it. This solar light was a real timesaver and an energy saver. LED’s last 400-600 times longer than regular light bulbs.

Now, since we have solar lights installed, whenever I have to go outside at night, Fluffy’s tail is safe from my stumbling feet!

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