Sound Energy for Healing

With the art of feng shui it is all about the energy that is produced and allowed in an environment. One area that people may not consider, but plays a significant role in creating a peaceful and positive environment is sound energy. In feng shui circles it is referred to as sound energy therapy, vibration therapy, or energy medicine. The goal of sound energy therapy is to bring your body into alignment through your energy centers also know as your chakras. Some of the benefits reaped from this form of therapy are overall better health, reduced or eliminated depression and reduced stress.

Mediums are referred to as the objects that are used to help usher in the desired effects to create the environment you desire. When it comes to sound energy therapy an individual medium may be used or multiple mediums used simultaneously to get the desired results. Some common feng shui sound energy mediums are:

Sounds of nature – New Age or Meditation based music. It helps to regulate blood pressure, aid in a good nights rest, and reduce stress.

Wind chimes, Gongs, or Bells – help to create feelings of balance and inner peace, stimulates energy, and increased vitality

Tibetan singing bowls – restores balance to the body, induces an altered state of consciousness, promotes well-being and tranquility

Tuning forks – improves clarity of thought and memory. It also aids in pain management.

Drums – enhances productivity, helps the mind to focus, and promotes emotional well-being

Feng shui practitioners use sound energy for the purpose of cures, to attract positive chi and remove stagnant chi. They recommend that you use sound energy in the various aspects of your life such as home, work, and outdoor environments.

Common Feng Shui cures using sound energy

Here are some popular cures practiced by feng shui practitioners to improve the flow of chi to an individual.

1. Placing a wind chime at the outside entrance of your home or outside space like a garden will attract positive energy.

2. You can place a bell or a gong in your space and ring it with the intention of removing negative or stagnant energy and welcoming new energy or chi into the space.

3. Placing a water fountain in a room or space helps to promote feelings of tranquility and reduce stress. You do not want to place water fountains in bedrooms or the south sector of your home. Placing a fountain outside with water spouting up into the air is a cure for poison arrows targeted at you.

4. Play light, uplifting music to fill your home or space positive chi.

5. Sound energy is great way to clear negative energy left behind by former tenants or owners of a space. You will first want to clap your hands or beat a drum to clear out negative energy, then intentionally invite in positive energy with pleasing sounds. One way to do this is with the use of singing bowls.

It is important that when using sound energy in combination with a feng shui cure that you do each action with intention. Intention plays a large part of ridding the space of what is negatively left behind, and welcoming the new.

Source: Sound Wave Energy

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