‘South Park: The Last of the Meheecans’ Solves the Illegal Immigration Issue

In “South Park,” Season 15, Episode 9, “The Last of the Meheecans,” the boys get involved in one of America’s great, burning issue, that being illegal immigration. However, the South Park twist is applied.

Spoilers follow.

The South Park boys begin the episode by playing “Texans vs. Mexicans.” One side, led by Cartman of course, play the Texans who are defending the border against the Mexican side, which is trying to sneak across. Cartman proves to be a somewhat ineffective border control agent, however, with his ranting and inattentiveness to the job at hand.

In the confusion, Butters, on the Mexican side, is left out in the Colorado wilderness overnight. He is hit by a car and taken in by a well to do, middle aged couple who, mistaking the blond haired Butters, who is now confused as to his identify, take him in and set him to work doing all the menial jobs that they, as Americans, are no longer willing to do.

Later, seeing that their young slave is still unhappy, the couple abandons Butters at a Hispanic chicken fast food place. Because of some language and cultural misunderstanding, Butters starts a patriotic “back to Mexico” movement among America’s Hispanics. Now millions of Hispanics are trying to sneak across the border back south. After all, with almost three years of Obama, America is no longer the land of opportunity. In effect, our current president has solved the illegal alien problem.

The Border Patrol is having none of this and begins to recruit volunteers. Cartman, of course, responds to the call. He is especially thrilled that he has been issued with a baton that sends an electric charge into people who displeases him.

Butters has become a national hero in Mexico, which is remarkable for a blond haired kid who barely speaks English, not to mention Spanish. But he yearns for his family and friends as well and so he endeavors to cross the border back north to South Park. He does so with the encouragement of the border patrol, save one. Cartman is determined not to let anyone cross in any direction under his watch.

However, not even Cartman can stop Butters. So the lad is reunited with his family and all is right with the world.

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