Special Moments from the Emmy Awards

COMMENTARY | I never find award shows dull and the 2011 Emmy Awards were no exception. Aired Sunday, this show made me laugh, think and smile. An event of this nature earns its audience by giving them moments.They can be awkward, tender, embarrassing and even way out annoying, but they are still moments to remember.

Walking up Those Steps.

Now this may not be something that many will write about, however it seems to me to be justifiable to discuss the merits of shorter dresses and lower heals. Every female winner had trouble balancing themselves as they took the walk to the stage. Julianna Margulies had to be helped while climbing the steps to receive her best actress in a drama award, and poor Margo Martindale (receiving her award for the best supporting actress in a drama series), almost fell over and had to be helped up by a long-haired Ashton Kuchter.

Flat shoes, dresses above the ankles and more concentration are needed; either that, or get rid of the steps altogether.

Charlie Sheen

I believe everyone should get a second chance, maybe even a third. Hopefully Sheen was sincere when he said that he wished the best to the cast of “Two And A Half Men.” After going through an overdose and crazy behavior I hope he has come out the other side and can still work at what he loves doing.

I respect that he was invited to the Emmy Awards and I think he did himself proud. I expect there were many in that audience who identified with some of Sheen’s problems. With all the camaraderie of the show business family, I think they were there for him.

Jane Lynch

I don’t think a host of a show like this should try to be funny all the time; it just doesn’t work. There weren’t many laughs and it can be embarrassing sometimes to listen to a host try and try to make people laugh without success. I didn’t understand why Lynch dropped little snatches about being a lesbian all the time; was it because she wanted to join the trophy-winning “Modern Family” “bandwagon?”

I didn’t know who Lynch was until she appeared in “Glee.” She has certainly jumped into the limelight; I think I will try to find something else she is in and watch it.

Lynch’s dresses looked too big for her, but maybe it was the style she chose. They were too wide at the hip and not tight enough. I would have liked to have seen her in something shimmering and sexy; maybe next time.

Emmy Awards 2011

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