Sprecher’s Pub Style Dining in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub is a casual restaurant in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The pub is located in the former Hoolihan’s Restaurant, at the front of The Cove Hotel, which is across the street from Riviera Park on the lakefront.

Sprecher’s in Lake Geneva is has an Old-World ambiance, with heavy brown wood booths and partitions and a large bar. There are also Sprecher’s restaurants in Madison and Wisconsin Dells, but I have not been to those locations.

In a recent visit, the Lake Geneva Sprecher’s was comfortable, with seating at ample wooden booths and tables. The restaurant was approximately 50% filled, predominately with couples and family groups. We were seated in a booth just big enough for two people by the hostess, who gave us large menus. The ceiling was decorated with stained glass.

The waitress greeted us with a friendly smile and asked for our drink orders. Sprecher’s got its start as a brewery in Milwaukee in 1985, so beer is the specialty of the bar, although they have a full bar that serves all kinds of drinks. We decided to try the beer and were delighted to see that they sold beer in sampler sizes, which is perfect for people who are not big beer drinkers, or who want to sip a few different varieties of the European style brew.

The waitress delivered the beers and asked if we had any questions about the menu. She also pointed out some of the specials and offered recommendations. She said that the Premium Burgers were a popular choice that customers seemed to enjoy.

Sprecher’s offers sandwiches, salads, soups and entrees. The specialty of the house seems to be the Premium Burger, which comes in a variety of styles. I chose a Premium Burger with cheese, while my companion chose a Salmon Patty Burger. We each ordered a cup of Wisconsin Beer Cheese soup on the side.

We sipped the beer and while not particularly beer experts, thought it tasted refreshing, served at pleasantly cold temperature. The beer cheese soup was thick, creamy and tasted sinfully wonderful.

Our generously sized sandwiches were served fresh buns. My premium burger was served with BBQ sauce, cheese and an onion ring and was a little charred around the edges. My companion has the salmon patty and liked it, but said it was spicy for her taste.

Overall, we enjoyed the meal and would eat at Sprecher’s again. We enjoyed the pub-like atmosphere, as people seemed to be having fun and the staff members were pleasant and friendly.

Sprecher’s is located at 111 Center Street, in front of The Cove, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The restaurant has ample parking, which is a plus during the busy tourist season when street parking can be difficult to find in Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva is a popular resort area in southeastern Wisconsin. The Dancing Horses Theatre is a popular attraction in the Lake Geneva area.

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