Spring Decorating Trends Borrowed from Nature

It’s hard not to become impatient for spring, even after a relatively mild winter. The trees are bare, the world looks gray and we need something green, bright or pretty in our sites. The concept of bringing colors and textures from nature into the home continues this spring, with an emphasis on more abstract choices. Borrow these trendy ideas from nature and decorate your home for spring.


Owls and birds have given way to a more subtle and refined decor choice: feathers. This does not mean you need to find a tall milk jug and fill it with long peacock and other feathers, or decorate with any other actual feathers. It’s the feather shape as well as the intricate design found in a feather that are springing up in home decor.

Decorate with feather images on pillows, stenciled feathers on forgotten walls, dishtowels, or as the subject of ink drawings or paintings. Repeated feather shapes can be found on printed fabrics, including pillows and throws.

Tangerine and Yellow

Tangerine is the new red, at least for spring. A pop of red may find itself into a room and draw attention or create a strange balance. For spring, bring in some tangerine or yellow to brighten up the space. The skies may be overcast thanks to rain clouds, but you still need some sunshine. Throw pillows, a small lamp or candlesticks are easy ways to add bursts of happy color for spring.

Tabletop Gardens and Terrariums

You may have already created a miniature indoor garden if you’ve started planting seeds to sprout. The terrarium in a glass container, popular in the 1970s, is also an acceptable way to go “green” this spring. Get your fingers dirty, become a landscape architect for a miniature space, and satisfy your urge to garden.

Chalkboard Black, Coconut Milk White and Pastels

Pastels are nothing to shy away from when they’re delicately paired with black and white. The easiest way to bring this spring palette to the kitchen is to give new life to old canisters for flour, sugar or tea. Use chalkboard paint to cover a small area of the jar. Paint the cover in a pretty blue, green, pink or yellow, or use all three colors. Think of these pastels as sophisticated Art Deco hues rather than the colors used for baby showers. They should be slightly dusty and feel Retro and they should whisper, “spring.”

Collect a series of small chalkboards, the kind you could find at a dollar or discount store. Paint the plain, wooden frames in a pastel color. Hang the chalkboards in a square or rectangle, leaving little room in between.

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