Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch Smartphone is a Real Disappointment

Like most Samsung smartphones, I really want to like Samsung Epic 4G Touch. I really do.

It reminds me of the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon Wireless in many ways, but the Fascinate had its problems too. With a 4.52″ Super AMOLED display, the Epic Touch is unmatched when it comes to display colors. I like the “wet” look that AMOLED gives – it makes photo color “pop” right off the display.

It’s the Sprint network that creates a problem for this device.

Like other Galaxy S smartphones, the Epic Touch is also thin, light-weight and familiar. The touch display screen is pretty sensitive to the touch, but easy to adapt to with a few minutes of initial use. It’s available in one color (black) and has customized cases to protect it. This device is too large to fit most universal cases, and I was unable to find a belt pouch case the fit the device

Battery life is difficult to objectively qualify. Based on use, the battery can last all day or just a few hours. I always charge my smartphone any chance I get, but I did notice the battery seemed to weaken pretty quickly with moderate use. I was able to find an extended battery online, but not in any local Sprint stores.

This is an Android operating device, so it is easy to navigate through the applications available in the Market – approximately two-thirds of which are free of charge. The Epic Touch, however, has an odd curvature on the sides that make the device uncomfortable to handle for long periods of time.

The real problem is, unfortunately, the biggest problem. This device needs the internet to function as it is designed and the Sprint network is unreliable and does a great disservice to the Epic Touch. Downloading applications, watching YouTube videos and accessing FaceBook were all accomplished at significantly slower speeds then similar devices on Verizon Wireless network or even U.S. Cellular networks.

Given the data connectivity issues, I would discourage buying the Epic Touch until Sprint is able to improve their data network.

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